Updated: New GenieBelt features + a little surprise

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We have great news for you ! GenieBelt is ready with new features for you. Thanks to some great feedback and hard work, we are ready with some new features that can help improve the experience for our users. We are very thankful for the valuable feedback that we have received and wants to say thank you once again. That’s what’s keeps us going and constantly helps us improve.
Below you can read about the new features, which will significantly improve how users can keep track of their projects and how they can update them.

Budget Portfolio

Basically, the Budget Portfolio allows the user to look across all their projects and see what their projected spend is.  A great way of knowing how the budget is doing. And we have now added improvements to the way that users can use the Budget Portfolio feature. Users are now able to track actual spend, meaning that you can see what the project spend is vs actual spend. Moreover, users are now able to search across several years instead of just one year. In that way, users can always keep track of the budget on projects even if it goes on for years.
The Budget Portfolio has become more detailed as well. It’s now showing breakdown for the project and task in terms of budget, extra, actual, predicted and % completed. A great way to track your actual spendings and if the budget is overrun or not.
Screenshot of the budget portfolio feature

My Tasks on Android

Android users (IOS will be coming soon) will now have a new tab called “My Tasks” in which they can see what tasks they have for the week. In that way, people can be assigned to different tasks and check up on what they’re supposed to do during the week. With one single swipe, users will be able to see a list of tasks they’ve been assigned to across all projects. This feature comes in handy for customers who use GenieBelt across multiple projects. It will make sure that everybody knows what to do.

Turbo-Charged Drilldown

Due to the feedback we got, we have improved the way you use Drilldown and made it even better for you. That includes a bunch of things, which you can read about below.

More Powerful Filters

It’s now really easy to get a report on tasks starting in a specific time period, decide whether to include late tasks and to decide whether you want to include or exclude milestones.
Screenshot of Turbo-Charged Drilldown

Update tasks directly from Drilldown

Users now have the possibility to edit their tasks, update the task progress or view the audit trail directly from the Drilldown results. This is something that will make it easier for users to update progress on all tasks assigned to them with just a few clicks.
Just as soon as users upgrade their account to paid accounts, they will be able to use this feature.

The little surprise

Besides the new features rolling out, GenieBelt can announce an established partnership with Timesheet Mobile. A leading provider of GPS-enabled time tracking and scheduling software. This partnership brings along the possibility for companies to get a full overview of construction projects and how many working hours are used on these.
With the time tracking provided by Timesheet, companies are able to manage their workforce and the cost of it. With the use of Timesheet and GenieBelt hand in hand, companies can get a full visibility of how their construction projects are doing including workforce, status, which employees/constractors are assigned to a job and overall cost.