GenieBelt Update: New Exciting Features and A Proud Announcement

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We are back with some great news for all of you! GenieBelt has just launched some exciting new features which are expected to optimize even more your user experience. As always, we should say a big thank you to all of you who made this new update possible through your insightful and challenging feedback. In combination with our skillful and dedicated team, you are the secret to success and to GenieBelt’s constant improvement!
Without further delay, let’s dive into more details regarding the new features that are available for our users and which will allow them to manage their project easier and with greater efficiency.

Import Primavera & MSP

For starters, we are bringing some new major elements in this release that will make the import process much more straightforward and convenient for all of you. More specifically, we could summarize them to the following: 

  1. Import has just got a lot more user friendly, with nice icons showing to you what we support.
  2. We now support NATIVE import for Primavera and MSP!!! That’s right, no more exporting as XML!

geniebelt  iOS Gantt – Beta

This feature also needs no introduction. It’s already available on AppStore to download and it surely can transform your GenieBelt mobile experience.
In addition, we’ve introduced an App Storage limit. Meaning the App will never use more than 1 GB of the phone’s storage. Once the limit is reached, the oldest files are consecutively removed until the storage falls below this value. The process take place when the app is being restored from the background.

Gantt IOS GenieBelt Update

Improved Reimport

Our new update makes possible for you to enjoy our Reimport feature. The idea behind this feature is to be able to download the Gantt as a CSV, open it up in Excel or Google Sheets, make changes (say mass assign users), then re-import into the platform with these changes.
To use this feature, all you have to do is to know where to look…and here’s where:
Quick Note: Reimport supports XLSX and CSV only. Doesn’t support XML or other native files for the time being.

Other updates

Last but by no means least, there are a few last thrilling new features. In a nutshell, they could be summed up to the ones below:

  • Last activity on people page is now removed.
  • Behind the scene improvements on Beats which will significantly contribute to the further optimization of the whole GenieBelt experience.

And…A Quick Moment Of Pride

GenieBelt is very proud to be included in the list of the 100+ startups transforming the construction industry, as it was announced by CB Insights. It means the world to us that our continuous endeavor to build the future of construction gradually is paying off. Our presence in this list offers us extra motivation to try even harder and continue optimizing the construction process.  
Thanks to the advent of new technologies, the construction industry is transforming fastly. For that reason, it’s vital for us to continue evolving and try our best in order to show the way for the modernisation of our industry.

Top 100+ startups
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That’s all folks! We will keep listening to your valuable feedback and starting today, we already are working for a new round of optimization that will allow us to offer you an even more complete project management experience. As for those who aren’t yet members of our platform, don’t lose any more time and…