GenieBelt: New & Improved, Thanks to You

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We got a new office! We got new investment! The staff has grown by 90%… but Autumn has come. The clouds have consumed the sun, the wind beats and blusters down on cyclists and pedestrians alike here in Copenhagen. Yet here at GenieBelt we trudge on in spite of it all. So worry not, we have some news to brighten your week and make GenieBelt even easier to use. NEW FEATURES! We have been listening to our customers and understand what you need in a project management solution. So without further ado, let’s quickly run through what we are releasing this October.

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Project Overview

For starters, introducing the new Project Overview feature. Now when you open a project in GenieBelt, the first tab you will see is Overview. This is a huge step in giving our users an at-a-glance view of their projects. With this overview you are able to see an overview of your tasks and the overall status of the project. From this page you can download reports, everything you need to see in a project, in real time at-a-glance. This is huge for our users, saving time and ensuring control over their projects. Being able to log on and see this new feature will give our users the ability to see an overview of the progress of their projects and better manage the project with this overview.


Advanced Dependency

Following the new Project Overview feature is the Advanced Dependency feature. This new implementation is compatible with MSP and supports your most commonly used feature in Construction. The basis of project planning is to allow tasks to be tied together between different labour. We have been listening to our users and understand the painstaking toll of collaborating and juggling on the site, ensuring people are there when they need to be. This feature allows a project to be moved, changed and adapted to unforeseen incidents, while at the same time keeping stern dependencies between tasks in the project. This ensures that everybody involved in the task know when they need to be at the site to complete their task so no time or money is wasted.


Also, a few more improvements! We have tinkered with the speed to make general loading faster. We have made our Gantt charts faster and you can see more Tasks than ever. With your dedicated feedback and great ideas, we at GenieBelt are continuously listening to our users and looking to improve. With over 8000 projects in 100 different countries, now is the time to be signing up to GenieBelt – Construction Project Management App & Software.

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