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The year has almost come to an end and we have taken a look at what construction articles have been trending in the construction industry in 2017. We decided to find the most popular articles (based on shares) around the world, which focused on construction and was written in English. Below you’ll find the most shared construction articles of the year according to

The list

5. The mexican wall

Total shares: 131.8K
You can’t go through 2017 without mentioning Donald Trump, which is also where we start the list. And this topic is of course about his famous wall.

Trump announced that the US tax payers will foot the initial bill for this proposed wall – not exactly what he pledged during his 2016 campaign. The construction will begin “as soon as we can”, he says. What happens, time will tell.
Read the article here.

4. The Dakota access oil pipeline

Total shares: 137.5K
Another article that was trending in 2017, is this one about the construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. A project that has caused dismay among the Sioux tribe, which believes the pipeline’s envionmental effects were not considered before granting permits to construction.
Something the court has now partly agreed on, ordering the Corps to do an environmental assessment of the pipeline. Oil are already flowing though, so the question is if it will be stopped or not.
Read more here

3. A little construction story

Total shares: 162.5K
People like a story, and this article proves that point. BoredPanda brought this little construction story that – needless to say, needed to be shared. It’s almost too good to be true. Hopefully, the woman in this story has learned her lesson.
Read it here

2. $1 billion bridge

Total shares: 183.3K
Second on the list, is the story about the most ambitious bridge program in the history of the Philippines. The bridge is expected to be completed within the term of President Rodrigo Duterte, and will connect the four islands (Illoilo, Guimaras, Negros and Cebu) in the Visayas. An interesting project.
Read the story here

1. Construction theme park

Total shares: 234.2K
The most shared article of the year is found on The news here is the new construction-themed amusement park found in Diggerland, a theme park based in the US and the UK.
Diggerland gives kids the chance to be like “Bob the Builder” and “Handy Manny” by putting them in the driver’s seat. Here kids can operate heavy machinery, all on their own – and it’s safe for kids according to the theme park.
Read more about Diggerland.

Top content at LetsBuild

At LetsBuild we have also had an interesting year, and we’re grateful that we have people reading the stuff that we put out. We love to see what’s trending in the industry, and like to inform you guys about it. We can’t wait to see what will happen in 2018. Here is the top trending content on the blog during 2017.

5. The world’s biggest construction companies

Total shares: 650
First of, is our map of the biggest construction companies in the World, divided by continents. And as a bonus, a list is provided with the 35 biggest companies around the world, based on their turnover.
See it here

4. The 100 biggest influencers in construction

Total shares: 1.1K
Besides knowing who the biggest companies in the industry are, we also thought it was valuable to get a list of the most influential people in the industry. Influencers who helps spread the word of what is trending, and who help design, build or manufacture the building projects around the world.
See the list here

3. Europe’s biggest construction companies

Total shares: 1.5K
Another map we made, was of the biggest construction companies in Europe 2017. We thought it was interesting to see, who the biggest players in the market were and wanted to share that knowledge.
See the map here

2. The future of construction – BIM

Total shares: 2.5K
A buzzword in 2017 was the word BIM (Building Information Modelling), and therefore we made an infographic explaining what it is and how it would play a role in the future of construction.
Read more about it here

1. Map of the biggest US construction companies

Total shares: 2.7K
We created the map of the biggest construction companies in US in 2017, and you guys loved it! In fact, it’s the most shared content of the year on LetsBuild. Thank you!
We are really glad that you liked it. If you still haven’t seen it, you can find it here. Here, you’ll find the biggest construction companies in each state of the US.

Bonus – Coolest offices in the world

Eventhough, this is not in top 5, we still believe it’s worth mentioning. Mostly, because we still dream about having offices like these. Take a look if you haven’t seen them yet.
This ends our list of top construction articles of the year. Lastly, we just want to thank you once again for reading our articles. We’ll come back strong in 2018 with even more interesting stuff.
Happy holidays and Happy New Year.