The biggest construction companies in the world

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US, Europe and now the world!

We brought you the biggest construction companies in Europe and the US, and now we give you the biggest in the world. We made an illustration below of the biggest companies in each continent. Check it out and see if you recognize any of them.

With this, we give you an overview of the construction companies that are currently the biggest in the world according to numbers from 2017. The list is primarily based on numbers provided by ENR. Click the image to enhance it!
Biggest Construction Companies in the world 2017 | LetsBuild

All the company information in one place

There are many other big construction companies out there, which are not being shown on the map. Therefore, we have put together a list of some of the biggest ones out there, which we’ve put together in a spreadsheet. You’ll find the top 33 companies from around the world based on the ENR numbers. Besides that, we’ve added additonal companies based on our research. The biggest companies are based on their turnover.

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Don’t forget

As mentioned earlier, we’ve already made the maps for Europe and the US. You can see those below. Just click the image to enhance it and get a good overview of the biggest players both in European and North American building industry.


Biggest Construction Companies in Europe 2017 | LetsBuild

 The US

Biggest Construction Companies in USA 2017 | LetsBuild
We made these maps for you, so you can get a quick overview and see who is currently dominating the construction industry in terms of size and turnover. The dominating companies can quickly change though, and we would therefore make sure to keep it updated along the way.

Feel free to leave a comment if you like our maps or want us to change something!