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We all know the boring offices that are plain, simple and doesn’t try to lift the spirits of the workers at all. At GenieBelt, we have done some research on interesting and cool offices around the world that you can take a look at, and maybe get inspired for your own office.
All of these offices are interesting in different ways. It can be where they are build, how they are decorated, the size or simply how they have been repurposed. Our list includes different categories, which you can check below.
Do you know more cool offices or buildings? Please don’t hesitate to tell us.

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The biggest office

The Pentagon

The Pentagon is among the largest buildings in the world, encompassing more than 6 million square feet of floor space. It therefore also ranks among the largest offices in the world.

The smallest office

Tiny Office

This could easily be the smallest office in the world. Danish founder, Jonas Hallberg, has started a business where he delivers customized trailers, which functions as offices. The Tiny Offices are build in Aarhus, Denmark and takes 6-10 weeks to be made for clients.

Photo credit: Tiny Office
With an office like this, you could easily be mobile and always be close to your clients.

Repurposed office


Photo credit: Lindman Photography
It looks like something out of a James Bond movie, but it is actually a data centre based in Stockholm, Sweden. It used to be a nuclear bomb shelter, but is now used for other purposes for the Swedish internet provider, Bahnhof. It is placed 30 meters under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm.

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Floating office

Kansai International Airport

In the middle of the Osaka Bay in Japan, you can find offices. These belongs to The Kansai International Airport that is located on an artificial island around 40 km southwest of Osaka. It was opened in 1994 and today serves as one of Japan’s most important international airports.

Green roof office

Nanyang Technological University

Photo credit: Venet Osmani

Photo credit: Greenroofs
Within the Nanyang Technological University, you can find different offices. The university has earned itself a reputation as one of the leading science, technology and research universities in the world. What also makes the university stand out, is the green roof on top that slopes almost at a 45-degree angle. Besides making the university look good, the green roof keep the ambient temperature low and reduce heat in the daytime.

Eco-friendly office

The Bullitt Center

Photo credit: The Bullitt Center
The Bullitt Center is Seatlle, USA is one of the greenest buildings in the world. A building that has a roof covered with solar panels, a rain-water filtration system, and toilet systems that can compost human waste. Moreover, the materials used to build the building was free of toxins and sourced locally.

High-tech looking office

Xinwei Office

Photo credit: Andrey Avdeenko
The word futuristic definitely comes to mind when seeing the Xinwei office in Kiev, Ukraine. It was designed by the Ukranian architectural firm, Soesthetic Group. The idea was to include the five basic elements that the world is made of; water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

The safest office

The White House

It might not come as a surprice for most people, but the white house is certainly one of the safest offices/buildings in the world. It is more like a fortress. It is build with bullet-resistant windows, filled with secret service agents, and not to forget; alarms positioned underneath the ground as well as infrared sensors above the ground.

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3D printed office

Office of the Future

3D printers are getting more advanced as time go by, and now it seems that they can be used for printing office buildings. In Dubai, the first 3D printed office in the world opened in 2016.

The building was build using the technology of the Chinese company Winsun. The printer that was used, is 6 meters high (20 feet), 36 meters long (120 feet) and 12 meters wide (40 feet).

Photo credit: Government of Dubai

The prettiest office

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Photo credit: Iwan Baan
There are a lot of pretty offices around the world, but the Selgas Cano architecture office is one of the prettiest. The firm has designed and build a sunken office in the middle of a forrest in Madrid, Spain. The office gives the employees a bug’s eye view of the beautiful forrest around them, and really makes it stand out.

The most bizarre office

Inventionland Offices

The offices of Inventionland are something you have not seen before. They surely show their creative side. Some would maybe call it bizarre to have offices like this, which include stuff like a pirate ship, race track, a cavern and a 12-foot cupcake.  There are currently 16 different themed sets that employees work inside. The idea behind it, is to release the creative mindset of employees.

Photo credit: Inventionland

Solar powered office

The Sundial Office Building

China currenly has the world’s largest solar powered office building. It was designed to resemble an ancient sun dial, and hereby the name. The building can procure 95% of its energy needs from alternative energy.

The tallest office

Burj Khalifa

Photo credit: Colin Capelle

Photo credit: Laika ac
Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest office building in the world with a height of 828 meter. How long it will last, is just a matter of time. The title for the tallest building, is a constantly ongoing race.

Underground office

The Rail Mail

Photo credit: Matt Brown
The  100 year old “Rail Mail” was once a post office burried under London’s streets that had 200 staff members working. It was abandoned in 2003, and from September 2017 it will open up for the public to go explore the site and learn about the history of it.

The most expensive office

One World Trade Center

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano
One World Trade Center in New York, USA is currently the most expensive office building build. The cost of it was $3,900,000,000 and was finished in 2014. It stand 541 meters tall and has 104 floors.
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Locations of the offices

If you have an interest in finding out where you can find these different buildings, we have created a Google Map for you in which you can see all of the locations. Just click the picture below or this link: Location of the offices

Additional offices

If you wanna see additonal offices in each category, we have made a spreadsheet for you to check out. In here you can find information on each company and how to contact them. Check it out.