The biggest housebuilders in the UK

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What are the biggest UK housebuilders?

  1. Barratt Developments
  2. Kier Group
  3. Taylor Wimpey
  4. Persimmon Group
  5. Galliford Try
  6. Bellway
  7. Redrow
  8. Willmott Dixon

For a full, more detailed list, scroll below.

State of the UK housing market

The UK market is experiencing a shortage of houses at the moment, which has led to a higher demand. A demand which has had a positive impact on the big housebuilders of the UK. Several of them have reported a rise in sales due to the healthy demand for new homes.

Amongst others, is the industry giant Taylor Wimpey, which saw a 5% increase in completed houses in 2017 (14,541) and average prices rising to 3%.

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But which house builders are the biggest in the UK? Who have seen the most growth in revenue in 2017 with the demand that is currently seen on the market? We have researched that for you, and you can find the answer below.

In order to find the information for each of the companies, we’ve used the help of DueDil and gone through the annual reports of the companies. On the following map, you can get a clear overview of the top 25 house builders in the UK.

biggest UK housebuilders

Additional house building companies

Any interest in knowing what additional companies are dominating the UK housebuilding market at the moment? Then take a look at this list. We’ve added additional 25 companies and made the top 50 list of housebuilders. Here you can find contact information, addresses and revenue numbers. Get the spreadsheet now by downloading in the form below.

Get a free list of the biggest housebuilders in UK!

Google map

In case you want to get a quick overview of where the companies are located, we have also compiled an interactive map for you with all the companies that are included in the list.  You can take a look at the map below, or see it here. Dive in and see which of the house builders you recognize and which of them are close to you.

Common housebuilding pains

When starting a housebuilding project a lot of mistakes can occur, impacting the end result or process. For instance delays, or the quality of the house not living up to the customers expectations. And that’s the one thing that house builders would like to achieve – satisfying customers.

One of the biggest nightmares that house builders, therefore, runs into is the lack of consistency leading to wasting time on redesigning and doing rework. And this occurs when the companies are not keeping track of their data, learn from it, and make sure that everything is being built according to plan.

But how do project managers keep track of that when dealing with 10 – 20 housing projects at a time, typically spread out geographically? This is where digital tools can be a good solution. Tools that can help keeping track of how far the projects are, help preventing delays and cut down on time being wasted on construction sites.

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Last February a survey was even conducted by Danske Malermestre, which revealed that there’s a big problem in the industry. It showed that 80% of maintenance painters, participating in enterprise projects, are experiencing delays due to bad coordination and mistakes in project management. So transparency and communication are bad, and there’s a significant need for improvement.

Build more efficiently with LetsBuild

One of the digital tools out there that can help with this is LetsBuild. Huscompagniet, Denmark’s biggest housebuilder with a revenue of close to 3 billion dkk, is expecting to increase efficiency by 10-15% by using LetsBuild.

As HusCompagniet notes, LetsBuild can help them eliminate the chain reaction of delays that occur when contractors drive to the building site in vain. Digital tools can help improve coordination and thereby increase productivity. Read more about that here.

Looking for a tool that can help you manage your construction projects?

At LetsBuild, we provide you with real-time technology that allows you to gain overview and insights on your projects. Our housebuilding software is a perfect market fit for volume housebuilders.

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