HusCompagniet to use GenieBelt on all European projects!

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Northern Europe’s leading home provider, HusCompagniet, will soon be able to increase efficiency by 10-15% for every home they build thanks to the use of GenieBelt. By using the GenieBelt app, HusCompagniet wants to connect digitally the contractors working on their projects.

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“We eliminate the chain reaction of delays that occurs when contractors drive to the building site in vain” says HusCompagniet of the European collaboration they have formed with GenieBelt. In 2018, HusCompagniet will use GenieBelt on 2,000 home building projects.

[clickToTweet tweet=”In 2018, HusCompagniet will use GenieBelt on 2,000 home building projects ” quote=”In 2018, HusCompagniet will use GenieBelt on 2,000 home building projects “]
Better synchronisation between contractors in terms of task planning and project objectives are some of the key elements that will allow Northern Europe’s leading home provider to save up to 15% during the home building process.

‘Unfortunately, building contractors often drive to sites in vain because they depend on another trade to finish before them. The slightest delay in one activity results in a chain reaction of delays that can now be avoided’, underlines Morten Chrone, Group COO at HusCompagniet.

Digital technologies drive already a groundbreaking shift in the way the building sector works. Many misunderstandings and costly delays can now be avoided thanks to better coordination between the construction site and the office.
As Morten Chrone explains:

‘Modern construction workers want to work with companies that use digital technologies to make their work more transparent and efficient. And modern buyers want to be an integrated part of their dream project – and they want to use all the information gathered in the building process when they start their new life’.

The role of GenieBelt

In GenieBelt, we are, of course, very proud and excited for our partnership with one of Europe’s leading home providers. The partnership will cover all projects of HusCompagniet in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

HusCompagniet has outsourced the actual construction phase to trusted long-term contractors but by engaging in this partnership with GenieBelt, they can now manage the construction phase as seamlessly as their front-end activities. In HusCompagniet, we have found a customer that fully shares our belief that this industry holds enormous potential for those who are ready to change the way they collaborate, communicate and build’, says Ulrik Branner, CEO at GenieBelt.
Morten Chrone adds that for HusCompagniet, GenieBelt is regarded as the digital backbone of the building process:

‘GenieBelt will form the digital backbone of our construction processes and will be integrated with our existing digital tools. We will be able to benefit from further efficiency gains and secure the data we generate on approx. 2,000 projects in 2018. In the short term, we build faster and better, but we also have a platform for analyzing and learning – all in all a huge benefit to our customers’.

HusCompagniet had tried GenieBelt platform for half a year before they proceed with their final decision.

‘What GenieBelt has done right, unlike anyone else who has tried, is to invent a new system that all parties could apply. It’s a form of consolidation tool they’ve made. When a tradesperson finishes his part, he just has to take a picture and show it to the group’, says Morten Chrone at Berlingske Business.

‘But it’s amazing that the schedule you work with in GenieBelt is dynamic and constantly updated. That sort of thing had previously to be printed and there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether it was the latest version that people were working with’, continues Morten Chrone.

Lower prices for the clients

It goes without saying that, the projected efficiency gains for Northern Europe’s leading home provider is great news for the clients. A less complex and more profitable construction process will eventually result in lower prices for them and will empower the supply chain in the building sector.
Morten Chrone expressed his certainty that the value of this productivity boost will soon have a very positive impact on the client prices:

‘Ultimately, the project gains will be pushed out to clients. At HusCompagniet we have always pushed any profits we could get out to our customers. If we started keeping greater profits to ourselves, it would be an invitation to competitors. For us it is important that once we have promised a house to a client within a given timeframe, we can hold that promise’.

Project complexity in construction

Truth is that the potential for the industry is huge as long as we actively try to improve communication and reporting processes. This is where digital tools, such as GenieBelt, can provide indispensable service.

A survey conducted by Danske Malermestre last February reveals the full size of the problem. As reported by Berlingske Business, 80% of construction and maintenance painters who participate in enterprise projects experience significant delays due to poor coordination and mistakes made by other project stakeholders.

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Another source of great frustration for construction and maintenance painters is related to the fact that often they aren’t invited to the initial on-site meetings, while many feel that their ideas and objections aren’t taken seriously.
In principle, digital tools should be able to alleviate this type of problems or, at least, make it easier for the distinct project members to be taken into account. But many companies often use different operating systems and tools that don’t connect project agents in a simple and straightforward way. This is where GenieBelt can help!

Wrapping it up!

For GenieBelt, this is the beginning of an exciting journey. The effort to empower transparency, collaboration and project intelligence in construction continues and  HusCompagniet is a valuable ally in this demanding but very rewarding process.