10 serious pains that housebuilding software can solve

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Housebuilding projects can be very challenging. There is a vast number of parameters that should be taken into serious consideration in order for this type of projects to run smoothly. It goes without saying, that effective communication is key.
That’s why optimizing your supply chain information flow is crucial. Otherwise, costly misunderstandings and harmful delays will most probably arise. Housebuilding software can be a powerful ally in that effort.

By finding and implementing the right digital tool, you can take control over your project, boost productivity and drastically improve the collaboration between the different members of the team.

In LetsBuild, we are well aware of the serious obstacles that home builders should overcome on a constant basis. For that reason, we decided to present to you the main pains that a reliable housebuilding software can solve:

1. Communication from site to office

Ensuring that everyone on your team is always on the same page can be harder than you might think. It requires a lot of effort and perfect coordination between the numerous project stakeholders.

This is exactly the problem that housebuilding software can solve for you. Enabling real-time communication between the construction site and the office can be extremely beneficial for your project. Like that, you will always be sure that all members of your team are following the agreed plan and that everything progresses according to schedule.

On-site workers and construction managers will be able to connect instantly and tackle potential mistakes before they turn into a serious threat for your project.

Below, you can take a look at how your housebuilding project would look like in GenieBelt platform:

2. Project overview and insights

As a construction manager, there is a good chance that you are involved in more than one projects at a time. That being said, it can be very challenging to remain on top of everything that takes place on site.

Housebuilding software can again be the solution you were looking for. Imagine being able to use one insightful dashboard in order to manage a portfolio of multiple projects. And most importantly, receiving live updates on project status, problems and the performance of every contractor working on your construction site(s).

In that way, you can easily monitor your project’s health and save a significant amount of time when it comes to reporting and weekly meetings.

With LetsBuild you can keep track of your multiple projects in a simple and straightforward manner:

3. Field reporting

We already referred to the importance of connecting the site to the office in real-time. But there are still several cases where people on site have problems with communicating their frustrations or problems back to the office. Similarly, construction managers many times find it difficult to identify the needs of their workers.

A solid mobile field reporting tool can be the answer to their problems. Being able to create progress reports on site simply by using your mobile device is a true game-changer. On top of that, a mobile reporting app can allow you to share images and last-minute updates from the field with the other members of your team.

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This optimized flow of information will eventually provide you with a complete image of what’s happening on site and will help you maximize project efficiency.

Get the right information to the right people with LetsBuild:

mobile on site
4. Project productivity

According to McKinsey & Company, there is a productivity gap of $1.6tn between construction and average economy. Given this shocking statistic, it is no secret that construction managers are struggling with accelerating processes on site.

Housebuilding software can have an essential impact on your endeavor to speed up the completion of your project. First and foremost, instant communication will make room for more work and fewer questions.

The use of house building digital solutions can be an excellent first step towards standardisation. For instance, you can build project templates that can be used again and again in future projects. Easy allocation of the project personnel is another powerful benefit that housebuilding software can offer.

5. Delays

Construction is a $10tn industry, but project delays remain one of its greatest pains. More specifically, large building projects last 20% longer than expected, while budget overruns can reach up to 80%.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that construction managers need all the help they can get. A top-performing housebuilding app can be the answer to their frustration. Just to name a few of its benefits, housebuilding software can help project managers in the following ways:

  • Keep them informed in real-time about project progress and at-risk activities.
  • Help them take the right decisions for their project based on the latest updates from their team.
  • Project plan changes can be communicated to the team instantly.

6. Amount of rework

As reported by McKinsey & Company, the efficiency rate in construction is 30% while rework can reach up to 10%. Simply put, inefficient communication and poor management of resources equal excessive rework and harmful budget overruns.

By implementing an effective reporting tool, you can be confident that contractors are sticking to the plan and that everything proceeds as it should be. Furthermore, material resource management can improve drastically due to the increased precision in terms of planning and task execution.

LetsBuild can help home builders with avoiding the on-site rush and improving the quality of their work:

7. Financial control

In a sector where budget overruns for large-scale projects amounts to 80%, keeping your finances in order is seen as a priority. Digitisation is again the only way forward.

The data collected during the building process can ensure that you are not throwing money out the window and that everyone is paid according to their contribution. In a nutshell, this is how a building software, such as LetsBuild, can protect your project’s budget:

  • Feel sure that construction sites are ready for work before you send your subcontractors.
  • Stay on top of payments and invoicing by verifying against real-time progress.
  • Use LetsBuild’s non-editable full audit trail as an objective legal proof of actions on site.

8. Customer satisfaction

Customer is always right and in that aspect keeping them happy should be one of your top priorities. Due to the enormous complexity of building projects, this can be very challenging in some cases.

Nonetheless, it is possible with the right planning and tools. A solid reporting solution can do the trick and help your team operate within the set deadlines. In that manner, you will be able to deliver the newly built homes to your customers on the agreed date.

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Moreover, customers can keep track of the project’s progress in real-time. Like that, you can boost project transparency and attract the interest of other house builders, as well. Last but certainly not least, through this precise and closely monitored process you can improve the quality of your homes and make your firm synonymous to professionalism.

9. Daily reports

Paperwork is probably one of the biggest headaches for everyone in the building industry. Pen and paper absorb valuable hours from your daily routine both on and off-site. What if you could save precious time and energy without compromising the quality of reporting?

Digitisation might be the answer again. LetsBuild, for example, can help you generate exhaustive and most importantly accurate PDF reports with information about every single task that was executed on site.

The generation of highly customized reports (eg. weather reports, reports for specific dates etc) is also possible. There is no doubt that the ability to produce such powerful reports fast and easy can take some of your reporting responsibilities away.

At the same time, it can provide your project with substantial legal protection in case that disputes emerge. Audit trail reports can boost accountability and function as an objective and non-negotiable source of truth.

10. Keep things simple

The perplexity of projects is continuously increasing, while productivity is going down. Construction managers try their best to establish a clear and simple building process but that’s not always possible. Especially when we are talking about large scale projects where many different stakeholders are involved.

As a result, countless projects end up going over budget or time. Given the intensity of the problem, the implementation of a reliable digital tool sounds like a good idea. But it’s indispensable to select a software that is easy to use.

Based on our experience with LetsBuild app, here are some characteristics you want to look out for:

  • On-site changes appear immediately on the project plan.
  • Instant notifications are automatically sent to the parties involved in a particular task.
  • All team members stay informed about the latest changes in real-time.

Wrapping it up!

All in all, it is evident that real-time project management software can be a great asset for house builders. In a few words, it makes housebuilding easier and it can be the catalyst for a more productive and transparent construction sector. For all these reasons, it should be seen as a long-term investment which can transform both your present and future housebuilding projects.

Looking for a tool that can help you manage your construction projects?

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