The Best Construction Management Apps for The Mobile Phone and Tablets

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I found out, many years ago, that a very effective way to get construction projects finished on time, or even ahead of time, is to have a well thought out Build Programme. This needed to be in a GANNT Chart format and placed where everyone could see it. Then I walked onto one job and the materials were ordered, not by me, but from the Head Office. They were so impressed by the Site Build Programme that I had to make another copy of it for them – then I had to drive daily to the Office to up-date their Programme for them!

Now thoseof us involved in GenieBelt are from the building game and we know what our industry needs – unlike most construction software offerings which are simply what “techies” think we might need! We know we need a GANNT Chart! This is the one thing that gets everyone involved in the project collaborating and working together! The Office knows when materials are needed; the sub-contractors know when they are required on site.

With the best construction management App, GenieBelt, people can sit comfortably at their desk in Head Office and know exactly what is going on at their sites. They know what they have to get done themselves and can be a real part of the collaborative effort to finish on time and to budget. No longer any need for time-wasting having to travel to and from the sites just to stay on top. Of course, you’ll still be welcomed there, but only for a cuppa and a chat with the lads!

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As I was saying, in Head Office your smart phone or tablet has all the information you need right in front of you. If input is needed from yourself all you need to do is tap the keys on your gadget and the job is done! Your part of the collaborative team work sorted! Well, I suppose you might still have to write out an order for materials required.

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Do you happen to be the company Finance Director? If you are you will be fully aware that nobody likes to tell you anything in case they get a lecture on their financial irresponsibility! As for the sites themselves, it is a very rare occasion that you can find the time to visit them. Imagine the pleasure of having complete project over-views simply sat at your desk! Nice cup of coffee and a biscuit and browse the screen to make sure all is proceeding well! Then you can really gloat! It was upon your insistence that GenieBelt was adopted by your company and you know how many thousands of £££’s it is saving on handling and storing paperwork for each of your projects!

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