Top 3 things you need to protect your tablet on site

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First things first

One of the first things that we hear from guys wanting to take their personal or work tablets onto site is ‘how can I protect my lovely tablet from rain, dust and damage on site?’

Good question! What follows is our fool proof guide for site proofing you tablet.

1. Case

The most important piece of kit is the actual case. We found that the Griffin Survivor is perfect for using on site. It protects against dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and as an extra bonus it’s even certified to to meet US Department of Defense Standard 810F, we aren’t quite sure what that means, but, at least you are safe in the knowledge that the US Army won’t turn you away if you decide to do some work for them! An excellent alternative (which is also suitable for Samsung models) is the Otterbox Defender series.

These types of cases can take some serious abuse, check out this video from one of the manufacturers!

2. Strap

The next must have item is a strap. The OtterBox Utility Series Latch is one of the best and comes with some great features. The strap fits over any case (so it even works well with the Griffin case) and it let’s you place your hand behind the tablet which is perfect for walking around site with.  So with a cover and strap, you are already two steps in the right direction of protecting your tablet.

3. Gloves

Number 3 on your list, is these great gloves from slideem. They are thick enough to work on site for safety reasons and responsive enough to work with a tablet. Find a pair here. In that way, you are protecting your hans AND your tablet. A win-win-situation.

If you are after a budget solution, try getting a pair of finger fold over gloves! 😉

What are you using to protect your tablet? We would love to hear from you!

Image Credit: kstatesalina

*Note: Just so you know we have not vested interest or get any commission from recommending these products, the recommendations are based solely on what we have found works best.