Why GenieBelt is The Best Construction Management Software

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Writing this post I cast my mind back to some pretty challenging experiences I’ve had on different sites. The most worth mentioning probably was fitting out a floor of an office block for an American banking client. We’d banged up the walls for the Server Room, the services had gone in and the server modules been positioned and were well on the way to being connected up. Everything above the suspended ceiling had been installed and the ceiling closed up.

During that time the floor support had gone in for the rest of the office. All the cabling for the desks had also been laid down. The guys had just started to lay the raised access floor panels, when out of a sudden the client’s PM appeared on site and she didn’t look pleased at all! Apparently there had been a major design change which moved the Server Room to a completely different position and altered desk layout. The design change decision had been made three weeks earlier. However, the documentation, along with revised drawings  which had been posted to us, never arrived on site.

This brief example above can make quite clear the communication problems, that may arise during a construction project. These days things have become much simpler due to the continuous technological progress but there are still many changes that need to be done.

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There’s no doubt, though, that the use of construction software has transformed the industry and has offered significant help to construction managers. A solid project management software can improve a construction project in a number of ways:

Increased communication efficiency

All the different agents of a construction project can stay up to date with the latest changes in real time. No more misunderstandings like the one mentioned before.

Enhanced accessibility

Now you can access a project from everywhere. No matter where you are, you can have a full image of the projects that you are taking part in.

Daily construction reporting

During big projects, issues are popping up all the time. Daily reports can make sure that you have the ability to get all the necessary information, as soon as you request it. In that way, you are never falling behind.

No more paperwork

A construction project can get very messy due to the vast amounts of paperwork that has to be documented and stored. A project management software, like GenieBelt, could save you a lot of time in organizing and keeping track of all the different documents.

Automated drawing control

You can now easily share drawing issues both with external collaborating parties and other members of the project team. In a few words, you gain full control over drawings. You can take care of any potential issues fast and simply.

Budget and time savings

All the aforementioned points lead to a more solid and effective project management procedure. This results, of course, in significant savings both in terms of money and time.


In a nutshell, a top performing construction management software can definitely change the way you work within construction. Don’t lose any more time then and give GenieBelt a try!