Give Your Construction Field Management System a Facelift

Written by LetsBuild

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Okay, construction is a global industry but some of us aren’t as “multi-lingual” as others so, for them, some information. “Field” to the Americans means “Site” to us British!

So the construction field management system:- I’ve actually written a published paper arguing that this is a matter of wearing a suit and tie then swanning around the site, sorry, field, looking important. That was a load of waffling about subtle senior management skills necessary if the site manager is to be recognised as the Leader by everyone involved. What I didn’t mention was the time having to be spent handling the project paperwork that flooded into the site office!

My own experience has been that, to do it properly and get everything filed where it should be so it can easily be found again, took me at least two hours a day! Let’s, for the sake of argument, say my hourly rate, plus the Agency’s add-on, came to £50 per hour. That makes it a cost of £500 a week to the Main Contractor for me doing nothing worth doing!

Well, it was actually worth doing because, if the paperwork and all documentation can’t be readily found when required for reference, that can take even longer and cost a lot more money! I actually spent 2 whole days on one job just looking for the response to a Request For Information (RFI)! Add to that the possible cost of re-work if the latest information isn’t passed out to the right people!

As soon as you decide to use GenieBelt, all that hassle and time-wasting goes away! You just need to sit at your desk, fat, dumb and happy and use your PC to sign on and get access! Doesn’t take 5 minutes. As soon as you have done that you, and everyone involved in the project that you invite, has instant access to your GenieBelt, for that project, on their tablet or mobile phone. Your invitees should include everyone from theClient’s people, your own men and your sub-contractors men.

You have a Build programme? Then just up-load it to your GenieBelt App. Beyond that every little bit of project documentation is up there in the Cloud for you and everyone else involved to look at! Sorry, what isn’t in the Cloud is any commercially confidential stuff. Discretion says that stays on pieces of paper kept securely away from prying eyes!

So where does this “Facelift” come in? It means you have an almost total clear out of storage for paper in the Site Offices! Same in Head Offices! All the info is kept safe and sound up in the Cloud for 6 years.

All the communications that used to be letters or Memos just get put on your GenieBelt. That includes Specifications, Bills of Quantity – the LOT!

You have your wander around the site socialising with the lads and keeping an eye on progress and you come back to the Office. You sit down and simply up-date progress on your tablet using GenieBelt. Read everything that has come in for your attention.Post anything you need to send out. Everyone included in your project can pass out information or up-date themselves just as easily as you can!

So there you have it! Your Field Management System has had a quick, easy, cheap Facelift simply because you moved away from paper and started to use GenieBelt.