5 Reasons Why You Need Construction Field Software

Written by LetsBuild

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  1. Because you are living in the second decade of the 21st Century! Technology is a part of our lives so come into today’s world. If an old-timer like me can cope with it, so can you! Don’t, and you’ll get left behind!
  2. Construction field software makes all relevant project information available to all parties – instantly. Saves all that time and energy walking around sites looking for the bloke you need to tell of some design change. Also saves having to find a post box locally to send out letters!
  3. Because having construction field software will encourage everyone to come up with a sensible, comprehensive Build Programme! Everyone will have access to it and that means main and sub-contractors know what they are supposed to be doing, where and when! Also means everyone will check to make sure the necessary materials have been delivered to site in good time.
  4. Now good Planners are the highest paid guys in the building game but, for the average construction project, any experienced site manager knows what has to be done and in what order. That means he can come up with a sensible Build Programme if you put MS Project on his computer and tell him to learn how to use it! This means that your construction field software not only comes cheap but, because everyone uses it your project will accelerate and all risks of Delay and LAD are avoided!
  5. Money! I’ve Blogged previously about just how much money construction field software can save! Tens of thousands of £££’s, $$$’s or €€€’s just in the time spent filing it and then providing storage space for it all!

Needless to say the best, most comprehensive and user friendly construction field software of them all is GenieBelt! Be wise and business-like; move on to it today! Do you know who the biggest advocates for its use are? Company Finance Directors!