10 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Unavoidable In Construction Project Management

Written by LetsBuild

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Us lot at GenieBelt think it’s about time to wake up and smell the coffee in the Construction industry about why construction mobile apps are unavoidable in a building project. So, we went ahead and sourced the best blend of coffee we could find, we’ve grinded the beans and now all that’s left for you to do is take a big whiff of that aroma.

Here’s our top 10 reasons why:

1. Because we live in today’s world! Mind you, for us oldies with wrecked hands it is a bit humiliating when we see “littlies” with their tiny fingers flashing across touch screens like lightening!

2. Because everyone, from Project Manager down to the dinner lady in the lunch time canteen (if the site is that big, otherwise the labourers) have a smart phone immediately to hand!

3. Because we live in a culture which is increasingly eco-friendly and intent on sustainability. Mobile Apps don’t use paper, which saves trees being felled!

4. Because Mobile Apps save the cost of postage for dissemination of lots of information.

5. Because mobile Apps mean that the information can be sent to everyone involved at the same time.

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6. Because the right Mobile Apps can save all the time and cost of handling and storing paperwork! – (as previously calculated and blogged by me, that is over £60.000 for a £5 million project!)

7. Because the use of the right Mobile App (need I say GenieBelt?) ensures fast responses from anyone who is asked to do something. Nobody wants to be seen by one-and-all as an idle layabout or drop-out!

8. Because the use of Mobile Apps ensures that those no longer closely involved in the project, like Architects and Engineers who have re-focussed onto another project, will be prompted to immediate action! If they didn’t, the finger would point at them!

9. Because the use of Mobile Apps means everyone involved knows absolutely everything that is going on and makes sure they do what they are supposed to be doing, when they are supposed to be doing it.

10. Because  – and this is the biggest “Because” – the use of Mobile Apps, particularly GenieBelt, saves time, and time is money on any project!

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