GenieBelt: Updated and Ready for the Next Challenge

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GenieBelt: Updated and Ready for the Next Challenge
We are back with some exciting news for all of you who are part of GenieBelt’s journey. New features! During the last months, we worked hard and today we are happy to announce the launching of a new update that will change the way you are using GenieBelt for the better. Once again, we have to thank all of you for your valuable feedback. Nothing would be possible without your ideas and support.
The new features will offer solutions to a number of issues and will optimize significantly the construction project management process. Without further delay, here are all the new GenieBelt features.

Portfolio Overview

Thanks to our new update, It’s now possible to add assignee and custom descriptions to a linked task (denoted by the link symbol). This element will allow you to monitor the progress of a project more efficiently and to delegate the right tasks to the right people faster and simpler. Portfolio overview empowers the communication from site to office and allows you to have full control over multiple projects.
Portfolio overview

Budget Portfolio

Budget Portfolio is a great tool when you want to see budget across all your projects. It has the same function with Drilldown, but for Budget. If users enter budget data into the project (by putting it for each task), then they will be able to get a month-by-month breakdown of how much is due.
As soon as you upgrade your projects to paid accounts, you can have access to this truly useful feature and keep track of your expenses more effectively.
Budget Portfolio

Observer Roles

This is another frequently requested feature by our clients. We wanted to provide to you the ability to invite an observer to the project who can “see but can’t touch”. In practice this means an observer can log in to view the projects but won’t be able to update progress, add comments, upload/download drawings and documents or invite people.
The new iOS and Android app will support observer roles, too. The only thing that a user has to do is to download the new app for proper support.
Observer roles

Change Ownership

Users are now able to transfer ownership of projects to someone else. To pair with this feature, owners of projects now shown on Dashboard. This new characteristic is a big help for every project manager, as it’s a very straightforward way for them to see which site manager runs which project.
Change Ownership

Historic Weather Information in Project Report

We are now able to provide historic weather information when you download a Project Report from the Overview screen. Since weather plays a crucial role in delaying projects, it’s a very useful piece of information. On top of that, it can offer great help in case that a dispute in causes of delay emerges during a project.
But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also extended the reporting period from 7 days to up to 4 weeks. You can’t specify a specific start and end date for the report yet, but that’s something we’ll work on as we improve the reporting from our system.
Weather report
weather information

And a few fixes along the way!


US and Canada users can rejoice! We’ve fixed the timezone issue you guys reported! To see the fix, you simply have to download the latest version of the mobile app once it’s available on Appstore & Play Store.


It’s plagued us for a while that sometimes users ended up having emails sent to them in the wrong language. This won’t be an issue anymore thanks to our latest update. From now on, users will be able to set their language within their profile page, just like you do in Gmail and other similar applications. This setting will govern both the language of the email you get and the HTML application. For the mobile App, it will use the language setting of your phone (again just like Gmail etc.).
language fixes

Last but not least

For the end, we kept some small tweaks that optimize even more the usability of our platform. In the Drilldown section, we added the ability for the users to transfer on a task simply by clicking on task name on drill down results. Moreover, when downloading task sheets, you can now generate one that includes everyone for the selected projects. Previously you could only download a task sheet for a particular person. Note that everyone means tasks assigned to someone as well as unassigned tasks.
The GenieBelt platform is constantly becoming simpler and more straightforward. Our goal is to continue improving the project management experience for all of you and we are dedicated to work hard in order to achieve that. New exciting announcements are coming during the next months but for now all you have to do is to…

BOOK A DEMO and try our new features today!