GenieBelt New Features: Our Platform Develops and so Do We

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Better is the enemy of good and here at GenieBelt we know that well. It’s not so long ago that we announced the launching of various new features such as project overview and advanced dependencies. But guess what? We are back with a new update that will make the GenieBelt experience even more straightforward and exciting. Before we go any further, though, we have to say a big thank you to all of you for your feedback and support. It’s, with no doubt, our secret to success. Let’s take a look at all the new features that are available starting today.

New Features GenieBelt

We are excited to present the first of our brand new features. Baseline is the answer to two very common problems that company owners and project managers face:

  • The need to be always informed about the progress of their tasks and in general the parts of a project which have been behind or ahead against a fixed plan.
  • In case of a problem, the ability to find out simply and fast what’s causing it and detect a potential delay in an earlier task.

In other words, Baseline is a broadly used static concept in construction that highlights different parts of a project both in the past and the future. Its design offers you remarkable flexibility as it allows you to either create a single Baseline and freely navigate around it or to have multiple Baselines for every project and toggle between them. Each project can have multiple Baselines, but only one is displayed at a time. You can also rename or delete a Baseline at any moment, but you can’t amend it.

Baseline GenieBelt

Mobile Dependency

Last October we introduced the Advanced Dependency feature. But this time we decided to move one step further and offer you the ability to use it on your mobile device as well. In that manner, we make sure that you can keep track of your tasks and rearrange them at any time and place. It is one of the most widely used construction features, since it ensures that a project is processing on the right way. After all, you can’t put in a window without having built the wall first.

Now just by using your mobile phone, you can link one task directly to another. Thanks to this new feature, every adjustment that you make on a task will have an impact on the other task, too. For instance, if you increase the duration of the first task, the second task will be adjusted accordingly. There are both automatic and manual dependencies options as well. When using the manual function, keep in mind that the adjustment between the connected tasks doesn’t happen automatically.

Mobile Dependency GenieBelt

Drill Down

Next on the list, the Drill Down feature. Thanks to your feedback, we managed to evolve our filtering process and help you gain full control of all your projects in one screen. This means you can filter by projects, tasks by people, company, tags, etc. This new feature enhances significantly the searchability within our platform and offers a more complete projects overview to the managers. With Drill Down, it’s becoming way easier for them to filter what happens on projects and check where there are delays and where everything is running according to schedules.

What makes it even better is the fact that you can easily download your results as a CSV file and get informed about different parameters such as the due date of a project, its status or its current and expected progress. On top of that, Drill Down provides unique flexibility as it allows you to create CSV files based on different sets of results each time.

Drill Down GenieBelt

Another interesting addition is the inclusion of week numbers on the Gantt Header. It’s certainly more of a European thing to have week numbers on your project, but companies find it useful to manage their project based on weeks, sometimes it’s just more efficient. Week numbers are also available on the printed version. On top of that, weekend bars are now appeared. Moreover, we’ve increased the number of Gantt Bars shown yet again without losing the sense of simplicity that users are familiar with. Last but definitely not least, the new keyboard shortcuts and the improved XML Import which now supports advanced dependencies data.

Gantt Updates GenieBelt

At GenieBelt we believe a good product starts with the right people.

We know this space is usually reserved for useful tips, insights and many other interesting posts that matter to our industry, but today here’s something different.

We thought that for this time of the year when we are all enjoying the company of our friends and families it will be a nice idea to create a blog post from our product team, the people you probably hear the least about who have a high impact on your daily experience of GenieBelt.

Our product team works across three countries – Poland, United Kingdom and Denmark, creating the platform you enjoy either in your office or on the go. We are constantly improving and developing new features to make your project easier to handle, from project overviews to the tiniest icon on your screen. We care about our code and product in order to deliver you the best experience the new digital world can possibly bring, applying new development techniques and technical frameworks that should run like clockwork in the background. And like luxury watches, externally the look, feel and packaging creates the atmosphere, but a significant part of the beauty lies in the inner workings.

Everyday our product team has to handle multiple requests, some to improve the platform, others to fix some unforeseen issues. prioritizing what to do is key, sometimes relentless and some things you would like just fall to the bottom of the list. But we’ve made an exception this month. Some users have been requesting the development of a dedicated iPad app, well, we’re making some steps towards that direction for you, soon our pool of devices will expand. It will not be a full experience yet, but a giant step to set the path in that direction.

Our quest for further improvement is continuing, in an effort to keep raising the bar on the services and the new features that we offer. We encourage you to carry on sending us your feedback and ideas. In that way, we can improve even more and reduce the hassle of managing a construction project. All you have to do is to visit our site and sign up to GenieBelt’s Construction Project Management Software and App.

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