6 Crucial Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Construction Management Software

Written by LetsBuild

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Hey, how’s it going? I’ve heard your construction management software is getting old. Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. The software world is like that. When this “trouble” comes around you have 2 choices:

  •      Try to fix the software
  •      Replace it with something better

Let me paraphrase this. There are many project managers and companies that don’t want to do this. They continue to believe their old software will give the results they look for. Believe me, it rarely does. The companies just need to understand that in case you have a “legacy” software, it is probably time to pull the plug. And of course, to replace it with something better, faster, stronger!
Let me show you 6 signs that clearly tell you why you need a new management software.

You want your work to be in the cloud

What does the cloud mean? If you conduct a questionnaire why project managers use cloud-based software, their three top answers would be:

  •      Quick communication
  •      Logical integration
  •      Easy implementation

That’s right. Over the past few years, the things have changed dramatically. The project management vendors based their options more to cloud-based software. I think your old software doesn’t have it. But you need it don’t you?

Maintenance is a constant concern

Believe me, your IT department had enough of you asking them to fix this or that. While you are doing that your company will struggle…and no one wants to lose money and future projects. Finding the proper solution for your OLD software takes time. How about changing it for new software? It will cost you exactly the same amount of money you are spending on your old software. Don’t believe me? Answer me this:

  •      How much is your current cost of maintaining your software?
  •      How many times you asked your IT to fix something?
  •      What’s the long-term cost involved in modernization?
  •      How much money have you lost because your software didn’t work properly?

See where this is going? I can continue this list of question to eternity.

End users are always complaining

It’s not that they don’t want to work. Employees always expect something that runs smooth. The user experience must be consistent so they can leverage the software in their professional and personal lives. That’s really important. What if I tell you to look at the other end?

  •      What’s happening with your system?
  •      Is your software hard to use?
  •      Does it run slowly?
  •      Is your system giving the proper results?
  •      Ask the first-hand (employees) users what’s the main problem with the software?

When the software is not working well, the productivity suffers.

Mobility is struggling to keep up with the pace

The mobile era is rushing full-speed ahead! It’s the biggest trend that drives the current enterprise environment. Many companies now incorporate mobile devices just to increase their productivity. Doing that, they are keeping employees “on speed dial”. What does it mean?With mobility, they can keep the productivity of the employees on high levels even while they are on the move. However, not every software can do this. The old software used by the companies isn’t capable of supporting full-fledged mobile ecosystems. That’s why the tech leaders are looking for other ways to let their operations experience all advantages of the mobility.

Your software is not growing with your business

Your business is climbing up pretty fast. Congrats! What about the software you are using? Suddenly you need new tools and the old ones can’t get the job done. If you are stubborn and think your old software will do the job, your business will probably start going downside. You don’t want the director to notice that. Bigger business means more people, more complex projects, and more data! The other project management software won’t be able to support that.

You are using too many tools

If you are using 3 different tools on 3 different applications, it’s time for a new project management softwareUsing different tools on different software, you’re faced with complications, redundant work, wasted time, and efficiency problems. Your old project management maybe creates problems, but there are new ones that solve them!

What’s the one reason that will motivate you to replace your “ancient” project management software? If you are on a lookout for software to make your construction workflow efficient, here’s three reasons why mobile apps are good construction management tools. For contrast, here’s a list of why some say construction software doesn’t work. These things are thoroughly discussed in The Circle of Productivity, an ebook free to download.