3 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Should Be Part of Your Construction Project Management

Written by LetsBuild

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Do you know what’s been the hottest topic in this industry for the past few years? Let me help you with the answer. It’s mobile technology for constructionIf you’re still on the verge of accepting it in your business, let me give you the crucial reasons why you need to use mobile app technology in your construction project management.
So what are they? Thanks to the advanced technology era we live in, construction professionals are no longer “addicted” to their desks in order to do the managing stuff. They largely rely on tablets and smartphones. This helps them forget about running to the office and back on the field. Even though the construction project shareholders are more connected than before, they still have a long way to go – in order to achieve the required level.  So, are you ready to see the most crucial reasons why you need to go with mobile apps? Here we go.

Keep Moving, Keep Working

It doesn’t matter where you are. Seriously. By “going mobile” you can do the work on the move. You can access the data from the other side of the world. If you take the project management apps, for example, you will see that they can connect you to the office and the field in a matter of seconds. On top of that, it will provide you with the current changes, plans and costs for the job. Did I mention you can receive the latest information in your palm and do your work more efficiently and quicker? – Viewing the latest instructions from the job site and capturing a signature for some payment to be directed back to the office will be completed in a matter of seconds. No paperwork, no filling no nothing. Guess what? You are on to the next task!

Fast and Real-Time Communication

People make mistakes. I heard someone say, “Only people who don’t work don’t make mistakes,” and that’s absolutely true. When it comes to construction, mistakes and changes can happen every day. It’s really important for the project teams to be alerted about them right away. What if something happens at the construction site and immediate action is required? Or maybe important change is issued back at the office…what will you do? Run to the construction site and tell them about the change? Being mobile will save the day. Using a mobile app, the office can send an alert directly to the field and inform about the new changes. Of course, the news from the construction site can be delivered to the office by the same way.

Improved Tracking and Better Allocation of Resources

A construction company always has multiple projects running at the same time. This usually involves lots of equipment, employees and materials. Тhis probably sounds familiar to you. Especially when one job site needs something relocated to another job site. Can you repeat the whole process you are using in your head and calculate what needs to be done before the job gets completed? And let me guess, you often don’t know what’s happening or you lost track of the equipment. Having a project management mobile app will allow you to keep an eye on everything. Swiping on the tablet sure makes the job easier than being physically present everywhere. You can’t be at different places at the same time. When the apps are well synced and organised it means that everything from the workforce, equipment to heavy machines is utilised in a matter of seconds.

These reasons are a clear illustration why you need mobile apps in your construction project management. The technology is moving really fast and it’s up to you to keep up with the trends. If the reasons above have not convinced you, maybe you should ask yourself what project management software can do for you. Another good question would be, when do you need a project management software? If you feel like connecting these to overall construction productivity, download the ebook for free.