5 Reasons why you need construction management software

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Managing a construction project isn’t easy. From coordinating with clients to organizing contractors to liaising with material providers, projects can quickly spiral out of control with poor organization and planning.

As a construction executive, it’s your job to keep all of these plates spinning at once. Without an effective project management tool, this probably means a whole lot of emails, spreadsheets, notebooks, and, perhaps most importantly, mental energy.

However, with construction management software, you can say goodbye to all of the hassle and confusion, trading it in for one easy-to-use app. It’s no wonder 68% of construction firms are using software as of 2019.

What is construction management software?

Construction Management Software

Construction management software is a project management tool that helps construction companies to digitize and better organize their everyday needs. With a software system specifically designed for construction management, companies are able to automate their business processes, enable real-time communication, and even automate and optimize their marketing plan.

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As with any project management tool, construction management software is the perfect way to centralize every aspect of your business in one convenient cloud-based location. This means that all of your documents, information, and processes will be accessible to you at all times. Technology, it seems, really is at the heart of the industry.

5 reasons to use construction management software

There is a myriad of reasons why construction management software can help you run your business—here are five of the most important.

1. Organisation and customisation

construction management strategies

The organisation can be hard to maintain when you’re at the helm of a construction project. Without software to help you keep track of everyone and everything involved, you may quickly feel overwhelmed.

With a construction management software program, you’ll be able to store relevant documents in one place and organize them using searchable tags. You’ll be able to create project management processes and protocols so that things run smoothly. You’ll even have the ability to track the project’s progress from stage to stage so that you never miss important steps in the construction process and you always complete your projects as planned.

2. Real-time communication and networking

On a big construction project, there are often hundreds, if not thousands, of people involved. With construction management software, everyone in your company—and even some of your contractors—will be able to stay in touch throughout the project.

Most software programs offer in-app communication tools such as chat messengers, tagging capabilities, and comment features so that you can keep the right people informed. Unlike emails, or even worse, snail mail, using the communication features within a cloud-based software program means that all communication occurs in real-time and your projects can move along as efficiently as possible.

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3. Minimized risk of legal claims

Running a large construction business can put you at risk of legal trouble. If construction mistakes occur, for instance, you may find yourself liable—and as any construction executive knows, a lengthy, costly legal battle is never beneficial to business.

With a good software program, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively ensure that you comply with all standards and regulations throughout each stage of the construction process, from planning to designing to building.

4. Cost control and efficiency


Time is money. Sure, it’s a cliché, but it’s true. In business, extra time spent in meetings or on construction sites adds up and appears on the final bill. If you want to run a cost-effective business, working efficiently is vital.

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With a construction management software program, you’ll be able to speed up processes in almost every department. Instead of wasting time visiting the site to check on your progress, you’ll be able to check up on its process digitally and in real-time. A software program will also enable you to lay out a clear schedule that the entire team can follow. It can also help you to minimize delays caused by mistakes. Plus, automated processes can dramatically reduce tedious admin time.

5. Team tracking

A large construction team can be hard to keep track of. When do people take breaks? What tasks do they complete each day? How many hours do they work? All of this information can easily get lost in email chains or on paper timesheets.

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With digitized project management, you’ll be able to track and analyze every employee’s contribution to the project. This can not only improve efficiency but it can also help you pinpoint areas where protocols and processes (and employees) just aren’t working as they should.

Get started with LetsBuild’s construction management software

LetsBuild Software

Using a construction management software program is a no-brainer. On top of enabling you to run your business with maximum efficiency, the right software will also help you remain competitive in a quickly changing industry.

At LetsBuild, we offer a state-of-the-art option that allows you to maintain on-site visibility, increase virtual teamwork, and take your company into the future. If you want to join companies like Mulbury, VolkerWessels, Vinci, and Alec that are already using LetsBuild to orchestrate their construction projects, get started with a free demo or download our ebook to learn more.