When Do You Need a Construction Project Management Software?

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Before I start sharing my thoughts on the today’s topic, let me ask you a couple of things:

  • Do you feel that the construction projects are getting more and more complex?
  • Are you experiencing complexity of the work because of larger project teams?
  • Is the projects related risk greater than ever before?

If the answer of the questions above is yes, then, you are aware that today’s project execution generates humongous amount of information that needs to be processed. All this leads to the necessity of stable and disciplined management in order to avoid the errors and the consequences. Even if you deployed some kind of software for project management, the question is: Do you have the right one or do you use its functionalities properly?

Management Software Checklist

In order to make the right analysis, I found a checklist that can help you. Here are the 10 signs that can show you if you need management software or not. Check them out:

  1. Design issues are not detected on time and resolved right away
  2. The documents which the project team is working with, are not updated or out of date.
  3. The communication between team members is broken. Emails are missed and the response is passive or non existent.
  4. You don’t have the control or the overall idea on what your project team is doing. Also, you can’t realize your requests for true and accurate information when you need it.
  5. The workflows are changing or breaking and you are not informed. Usually you find out after the deadline is passed.
  6. Fieldwork results with huge amount of paper work and you can’t tie end to end.
  7. At the end of each project, it is a real nightmare when you need to handout O&M manuals.
  8. You don’t have viable milestone setting process and usually the milestones are missed.
  9. Usually you are pressured to add additional project costs – which results with going over the budget.
  10. Often, your projects are like roller coasters. Filled with conflicts and errors, rather than smooth workflow and delivering of the desired results for the customer.


To Deploy or Not to Deploy

What did you learn? Was this list helpful? If you answered yes to more than one, then you seriously need to think about deploying construction management software in your organization. Now, if you are having one and you are still having issues, then…either you have the wrong one or your people are not using it properly.
In any case, we would like to invite you to try APROPLAN and see if it can solve your problems. Get ahead in your business by understanding how construction management software can solve the most common construction problems. Check out our review of software trends from 2016 to help you decide which one is perfect for you. For general tips on how to improve your construction productivity, we have a book that’s free for download.

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