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We’ve spent nearly 40+ hours collecting the best advice from many different construction companies and contractors to bring you an incredible guide to getting free advertising in the construction industry.
Our 30 page guide is consisted of 5 chapters and many useful tips that can help you boost your online and offline presence.
Building new opportunities online for your construction company can sometimes be a huge pain. The industry is gradually turning digital, so make sure that you stay a step ahead of competition and that you start putting an extra effort on becoming visible in social media. At the same time, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of advertising offline. Construction is still a quite traditional industry and there are many who prefer a more direct approach.
By downloading our free getting started guide about advertising in construction with no cost, you can get a pretty good insight on the following:

Starting With The Basics

Before you run you have to walk. In that sense it’s critical that you start by learning which are the first steps that you have to take and which tools you should use. In our guide, you will read on how to establish your business online, get registered with Google, kickstart your presence in social media and many more.

Building Links To Your Construction Site

Building links to your site is, without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges. Both in construction and in every other industry. Learn all you need to know on how to list your site to the most popular directories not only within the industry but on a broader level, too. On top of that, you will learn a lot on how you can have your content posted for free on other sites through blogger exchanges or by inaugurating discussions in forums and social media groups related to construction.

Creating Content For Your Blog

Having a top performing blog is quite vital for every company. Sharing your knowledge and expertise with your readers can considerably increase your status and hence your visibility online. Create content of high value and make sure that you promote it effectively.

Sharing On Social Media:

Once you have created your quality content, it’s about time to let the others know about it. Social media is a valuable tool for achieving your goal. However, there are many details and techniques that you should follow in order to use them correctly. No reason to worry about it, though. Just download our guide and let the social media adventure begin.

Advertising On Your Construction Site:

A strong online presence is more than necessary. But it’s critical that you take advantage of every little opportunity you have in order to advertise your construction company. The construction site offers remarkable possibilities towards that direction. Either we’re talking about billboard signs or T-shirts for the whole project team, feel free to be creative and to follow our tips.

Networking in Construction – Offline and Online  

Building a strong and proactive network it’s always substantial. Try constantly to connect with people from the industry. Either by participating on big events related to construction or just by being friendly on the construction site. Networking online is significant, as well. A good knowledge of social media can greatly help in that case.
Get our free eBook - how to advertise your construction company
That’s just a foretaste of our exhaustive guide on how to promote your construction business for free. If you want to take the most out of your effort, make sure that you download now our free eBook and kickstart your presence in construction!