Digitise and automate your quality and safety processes for better results

Every construction project generates a multitude of on-site checks and to-do’s. To help you manage your quality and compliance processes, LetsBuild has developed an entire library of checklists, forms and automated workflows that enable you to stay on top of things.


Record observations and incidents correctly for a safer workplace

Standardised forms and reporting processes ensure that any observations made on site get recorded properly and communicated to the right people. This is key to preventing incidents in the future. Should an incident occur, it is critically important to record the circumstances surrounding the incident carefully. With LetsBuild, you can even attach photos to your report.

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Improve your defect management with effective, digital quality inspections

LetsBuild allows you to easily capture defects on site and reporting them in a standardised workflow that ensures a full audit trail and overview of outstanding issues. Add photos, notes or documents to enrich the data. Site inspections can be performed faster and more efficiently, and the relevant people are automatically notified.

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Enhance your on-site collaboration with digital forms and checklists

LetsBuild’s extensive library of best-practice forms ensures that your site inspections are carried out in full compliance and non-conformities are reported correctly. Site teams and office collaborate in real time and registrations can be enriched with photos.

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Connect your teams. Gain visibility, starting today.