Document all activities and problems with photos.

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Keep photo documentation in one place

Avoid scattering visual documentation across email threads and different devices. LetsBuild allows you to gather, store and manage project photos in one secure digital ecosystem.

  • Photo-based reporting
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Comprehensive meta data
  • Cloud based storage

Attach progress photos as documentation

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old saying goes. With LetsBuild you don’t need to write an essay every time you encounter a problem on site. Simply snap a photo to include in your progress report as documentation.

Capture all site data in a detailed audit trail

The images you capture in LetsBuild are task centric. In other words, any progress photo you snap is attributed and stored in the audit trail of that specific task. This means that for the entire history of that task, you will be able to capture all photos to document the issues or roadblocks and alert concerned parties with the click of a button.

Comprehensive meta data for improved decision making

With LetsBuild every photo you take automatically records the location, the author and the date stamp of that specific photo. This information is then linked directly to the schedule so you always have access to the most updated and relevant information for each task, for every schedule, and for every project. A truly unified ecosystem.

Get your team mobile with cloud-based storage

LetsBuild allows you to store your documentation photos in a fast, secure and reliable enterprise-grade data centre. With LetsBuild, you can easily access your project archive to gain insights and learnings from any past or present project. All your data is easily accessible, manageable and shareable on any device, from anywhere in the world.

A real quality management tool for on-site follow-up that will increase the satisfaction of our customers and capitalise on progress achieved. The range of possibilities is unlimited.
Veronique Walle
Client experience manager, Bouygues Immobilier

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