Changing Construction Management with LB Aproplan: Insights from Mathias Nolf of Vesta
"For us, the main value of LB Aproplan is to avoid discussions about the tasks."
Mathias Nolf Vesta | LetsBuild
Mathias Nolf Project Manager at Vesta
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In an industry traditionally bound by manual processes, the construction sector is undergoing a significant transformation. The shift from conventional methods to digital solutions reshapes how projects are managed, communicated, and executed. Central to this change is the adoption of innovative tools like LB Aproplan, which are changing construction management. This story delves into the experiences of Mathias Nolf, a Project Manager at Vesta, a prominent Belgian construction company specialising in various building projects. Their portfolio includes apartment blocks, residential buildings, coworking spaces, luxurious houses, and offices. 

With over a decade in the industry, Mathias Nolf provides invaluable insights into the integration of digital tools in construction, highlighting the profound impacts of this digital shift. From increasing on-site efficiency to improving client-contractor relations, his journey with LB Aproplan exemplifies the digital revolution in the construction industry.




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The Past

A Journey from Pen and Paper to Digital Efficiency

The construction industry is facing real challenges. Common problems include delays, high costs, lost materials, miscommunications, poor reporting, lack of data, and tough decision-making. These issues slow down projects and drive up expenses. By bringing in digital solutions, we can tackle these problems head-on. 

This change is essential for making construction work smoother, more efficient, and cost-effective. Digital tools have the power to transform how we plan and manage construction, leading to better results and fewer headaches.

Looking back, Mathias recalls the days when everything in construction hinged on pen and paper. This method required intense attention to every little detail. Then came LB Aproplan, bringing a significant shift. “It was a game-changer,” Mathias notes. The tool’s ability to capture details with images and precise locations has cleared up many misunderstandings and cut down on lengthy discussions.

Mathias outlines how LB Aproplan has streamlined Vesta’s project management. The tool’s structured approach, where every unit in a project is meticulously added and monitored, has enabled Vesta to maintain standardisation across projects, making project management more efficient and less prone to errors.

LB Aproplan is something that I’ve been using for I think six seven years. So I’m very used to it and it’s something that’s always in my pocket.

says Mathias, Project Manager at VESTA
says Mathias, Project Manager at VESTA
  • Miscommunication that leads to rework
  • Difficulty to understand remark
  • Not Enough visibility for Final Client
  • Too much Back and Forth with Subcontractor


On-Site Usability: A Game-Changer

LB Aproplan stands out for its on-site efficiency, eliminating the need for large paperwork and post-site work. This tool has made it possible but it was almost essential to switch from traditional methods, especially as other administrative tasks have already transitioned to digital formats like email communication and online PDF reports. No more reliance on pen and paper. 

Mathias Nolf points out the tool’s versatility across devices. For quick data input, he uses his phone: going on-site, spotting defects or minor changes to be done, and simply capture it through a picture. By adding the relevant person in charge and defining the importance of that task, he transfers the right information within a minute. 

On the other hand, when the delivery phase approaches, he simply does a site visit with his iPad, to complete his quality inspections more easily. This adaptability to save time and maintain accuracy are top priorities.

Mathias prolonged use of LB Aproplan underlines its effectiveness in creating a transparent work environment. The tool’s most significant benefit, according to him, is avoiding disputes over project details. With clear documentation and easy accessibility, LB Aproplan fosters a collaborative and dispute-free work atmosphere.

For us the main value of LB Aproplan is to avoid discussions about the tasks.

says Mathias, Project Manager at VESTA
says Mathias, Project Manager at VESTA

The Vision

The Next Step: Linking All Solutions Together

Adopting a full suite of digital tools like LB Aproplan is just the beginning; the journey of digital transformation is ongoing with endless possibilities for improvement. As technology evolves, so do the opportunities to enhance construction management. A key challenge is integrating new tools with existing ones used by teams or clients. Vesta recognised this when they incorporated Ziggu, a customer portal, alongside LB Aproplan.

Ziggu acts as a bridge between real estate developers and home buyers. It keeps buyers updated and centralises information access, reducing administrative tasks for real estate developers. When used in conjunction with LB Aproplan, Ziggu takes client-contractor collaboration and communication to a new level. This integration has reduced delays and disputes, keeping projects on schedule. Mathias Nolf foresees a future where paper-based systems are obsolete, and digital tools like LB Aproplan become the industry standard.

This synergy between tools showcases how digital innovation in construction is not just about adopting individual technologies, but also about creating a cohesive, interconnected digital ecosystem.

In an ideal world, every contractor uses LB Aproplan.

says Mathias, Project Manager at VESTA
says Mathias, Project Manager at VESTA

Mathias Nolf’s experience with LB Aproplan at Vesta paints a promising picture of the future of construction management. As digital tools continue to evolve, they are set to change how construction projects are managed, making them more efficient, transparent, and collaborative. 

Mathias Nolf’s endorsement of LB Aproplan is a testament to its value in the construction industry, a tool that he confidently recommends to all, from small businesses to large enterprises.

  • Error rate to a bare minimum due to better communication.
  • Instantly available tool on and off site due to a web-based platform/app.
  • Lots of valuable time saved thanks to faster “clickable” note-taking and report-making.
  • Easy-to-see improvements because of the app’s compare mode.
  • A clearer overview of the project because of an efficient, centralised platform that keeps track of all notes and adjustments
  • Timely and detailed reporting
  • Instantly available information that is easily addressed to specific recipient(s) (colleagues, subcontractors, clients, architect, etc.)
  • Work is always up-to-date as the app is updated with the latest version of the project all the time.

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