Tractebel Engie uses LetsBuild to increase worksite efficiency by 50% by digitalising QHSE workflows
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Tractebel Engie is a leading international life-cycle engineering consultancy company with Belgian roots. The company has offices in 33 countries with over 140 projects in 140 countries offering services in power, nuclear, gas, industry and infrastructure for national and international institutions and customers both in the public and private sectors.






4400 employees


Multidisciplinary data collection

Fire safety is only one of the many high-level engineering and consultancy services that Tractebel offers for infrastructure and environment. Coordinating various fire safety and licensing jobs with different methodologies is the major issue that challenged Tractebel while onsite and at the project level.

For the fire team in their Safety Rules and Implementation Competence Centre, checking an equipment’s reaction to fire, resistance to fire, and fire stability usually involves 10 to 15 people working in one project. Collaborating with different people of various technical roles makes incorporating multidisciplinary information quite tricky.

To enable work coordination, the team needed to re-organise their process with one solution that would allow them to have a transparent project collaboration in order to see what things they need to coordinate and incorporate from start to finish. They needed a tool that could provide team members visibility into the tasks that concern them and offer a high-level overview to the project coordinator.

  • Diverse fire safety tasks coordination
  • Multidisciplinary data integration
  • Inefficient communication methods
  • Labor-intensive onsite visits and reporting
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our solution

Real-time access to project updates and tasks

To address the challenges, Tractebel implemented a centralized project management tool. This solution enabled the standardization and digitalization of workflow processes, providing a unified platform for team collaboration.

With the tool, the company improved communication transparency, allowing real-time access to project updates and task assignments. By streamlining task coordination and providing visibility into project progress, the solution empowered Tractebel to overcome inefficiencies and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

To effectively and efficiently coordinate everyone on the worksite, Alain considers efficient communication of onsite visits and reports highly important. With LetsBuild, Tractebel’s different teams are now able to communicate onsite reports and generate accurate reports while at the worksite.

“It gives us a total transparency of what we are doing for the customer. We have increased our efficiency by 50% on onsite visits, report making and coordination on worksites.”

says Alain Gérard Fire Safety Project Manager at Tractebel Engie
says Alain Gérard Fire Safety Project Manager at Tractebel Engie

Implementation & Results

A seamless communication among team members

The implementation of the project management tool resulted in tangible improvements for Tractebel. The company experienced a remarkable 50% increase in team efficiency, particularly in onsite visits, report generation, and task coordination.

Real-time information synchronization within the tool facilitated seamless communication among team members, ensuring everyone was aligned with project objectives. Furthermore, the tool’s ability to track activities and provide accurate data enhanced decision-making processes, leading to improved project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Tractebel relied on individual communication of activities through emails and bulk paperwork. While doing so, they wasted lots of time waiting for replies from different project teams to complete one task. Alain Gerard and the whole Tractebel team are now more efficient in their work and more confident with the real-time accurate information they have within LetsBuild as everyone’s work is now synced directly within the app. Every activity is now traceable hence everyone’s job is incorporated and coordinated well within the team.

“It’s going in the right direction. We are gradually using more of this kind of tools because it is more efficient, and it allows us to manage our coordination in a smoother way.”

says Alain Gérard, Fire Safety Project Manager at Tractebel Engie
says Alain Gérard, Fire Safety Project Manager at Tractebel Engie

With the help of LetsBuild’s on-site planning and progress reporting product GenieBelt, VolkerFitzpatrick has full visibility of the project, which has led them to work effectively with their subcontractors.

  • 50% enhanced team efficiency
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration
  • Real-time information access
  • Improved productivity across projects

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