Paris Airports uses Letsbuild to increase productivity, eliminate “Certified” emails and gain full project visibility
  • 50%
    reduction of defect resolution cycle
  • 75%
    saved time from report & daily log completion
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Paris Aéroport (Paris Airports) serves as the airport authority responsible for owning and managing fourteen civil airports and airfields in the Île-de-France (Paris) area. As a global leader in airport design, construction, and operation, Groupe ADP plays a crucial role in the aviation industry.

The focus of this customer story revolves around the challenges faced by Groupe ADP in managing the Jonction project at the Paris-Orly airport and the transformative solution provided by LetsBuild.

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the project

Unraveling operational obstacles at Paris-Orly airport

In the management of the Jonction project at Paris-Orly airport, Groupe Aéroports de Paris faced operational hurdles that impeded efficiency and communication.

The certified mail processes proved cumbersome, leading to delayed notifications, deferred actions, and significant time wastage. Complex contractual agreements with subcontractors resulted in a protracted nine-day cycle for addressing a single defect, creating bottlenecks in project progression. Manual processes added to the challenge, disrupting workflows and necessitating a more streamlined approach to project management.

Groupe ADP urgently sought a solution to eliminate these operational inefficiencies and enhance collaboration with stakeholders.

  • Cumbersome certified mail processes caused delays and wasted time
  • Complex subcontractor agreements led to a protracted nine-day defect resolution cycle
  • Manual workflows disrupted project efficiency, necessitating streamlining
  • Urgent need to enhance collaboration with stakeholders due to operational inefficiencies
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the challenge

Replacing Certified mail communication process

For Charles, Project Executive at Groupe ADP, the success of a project hinges on communication and organisation. Working with different shareholders and various subcontractors on “certified” communication contractual agreements made sharing information between shareholders time-consuming and unnecessarily delayed their workflows.

Contractual agreements with subcontractors involved communicating with “certified mails” between parties. Sometimes, it took three weeks to officially notify other parties about defects encountered in a site visit. Charles often found himself spending more time waiting around for replies than managing actual work in the project. The process usually starts off with ADP sending a certified mail to a subcontractor to inform of a defect or problem wherein the recipient contractor would reply by certified mail that they have received notification within two days. The said contractor would then propose and send a solution by certified mail again within the next five days, in which ADP would have two days to accept or reject. That’s a total of 9 days for one defect to be addressed.

To create a more efficient workflow, Charles needed to replace this time-consuming process with one solution that could successfully enable transparent project collaboration from start to finish. They needed software that could offer project shareholders visibility into the activities and tasks that concern them, provide a high-level overview to project owners and managers, and give subcontractors the right tools to communicate without having to manually certify by mail and pull out the pen and paper before sending solution proposals by email.

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the solution

A mobile app for punch lists, daily activity logs and project communication

By using one comprehensive mobile construction app solution to run all aspects of project management of the airport extension project, ADP was able to increase productivity, eliminate unnecessary “certified mail” processes, and provide the group and shareholders full visibility and transparency into their project portfolio.

Currently, Groupe ADP uses (70) LetsBuild licenses for their team of 120 engineers to manage the progress and the Operations-Prior-to-Acceptance (OPA) of their construction sites on the Orly and Roissy CDG Platform.

“A tool is only as useful as it is usable,” Denise, ADP’s CIO quips.

To accurately complete a quality project, Denise considers clear communication of daily activity logs and punch lists as highly necessary. The “certified mail” process took forever to create, review and share information. With LetsBuild, ADP’s shareholders and different teams are now able to complete daily logs, punch lists, and quality inspection reports at the time of the walkthrough.

Prior to using LetsBuild, ADP relied on manual tracing of activities through certified mails. ADP wasted lots of time waiting for subcontractors’ replies to complete one task. Charles, Denise, and the whole ADP team are now confident that information pulled into and exchanged within LetsBuild is accurate because it’s synced directly within the app in real-time. There is no need to waste effort on unnecessary administrative task as there is no need to edit or alter information along the way. Every activity is now traceable and all accounted for.

  • Increased productivity with comprehensive mobile construction app solution
  • Elimination of cumbersome “certified mail” processes
  • Full visibility and transparency in the project portfolio
  • Real-time completion of daily logs, punch lists, and quality inspection reports
  • Accurate and synchronised information exchange, reducing administrative tasks
  • Traceability of every activity, boosting confidence in data accuracy

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