HusCompagniet uses LetsBuild to standardise processes and increase predictability
  • 5 to 10%
    in cost savings
  • 6 to 7
    house delivered daily
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Established in 2010 with the merger of Interbyg and FM-Søkjær, HusCompagniet is a volume housebuilder based in Denmark. With 40 years of experience altogether, HusCompagniet has delivered more than 20,000 houses and operates in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.


CLIENT HusCompagniet



Volume Housebuilder


250+ employees

About their need

Maximise subcontractors efficiency

HusCompagniet prioritizes efficiency by standardizing work processes, and avoiding the construction of basements and 3-storey houses to simplify operations.

While maintaining a standard structure, they offer homeowners a range of design options. HusCompagniet covers the entire value chain with in-house architects and engineers, ensuring clarity and consistency in their operations.

By focusing on a specific niche, they aim to optimize processes and deliver cost savings in the long term.

“We know exactly what we do and what we don’t do. Some of the big construction companies are struggling because they do big swimming pools one day and one-family houses the other day but we have limited ourselves. We have architects in-house; we have engineers in-house. We sort of cover the whole value chain,”

says Morten Chrone, COO at HusCompagniet
says Morten Chrone, COO at HusCompagniet

HusCompagniet do not employ blue-collar workers but use external subcontractors with whom they have maintained a close working relationship for the past 10 years. In HusCompagniet’s experience, subcontractors will often arrive at the construction sites only to turn back as previous work has not been completed.

At any given time, HusCompagniet has multiple suppliers visiting the construction site with their deliveries. The materials would often be delivered at the wrong times, and left at random locations.

This causes confusion on site, reorders, waiting time, production and so on. This is a logistics issue, and it was a real pain towards our goal of optimisation and standardising work processes.

“Whenever the carpenter doesn’t show up, the next in line is going to be delayed as well. So there’s a lot of downtime. There’s a lot of waste in that industry. ”

says Morten Chrone, COO at HusCompagniet
says Morten Chrone, COO at HusCompagniet
  • Lack of subcontractor coordination
  • Inefficient supplier collaboration
  • Disorganized onsite deliveries
  • Limited process standardization
LB Geniebelt Customer Stories | LetsBuild

our solution

Connecting and empowering every stakeholders

To address this, HusCompagniet implemented LB Geniebelt, our multi-schedule communication tool, creating a community where subcontractors can communicate and coordinate effectively. By leveraging live schedules, construction teams know when and where to arrive, minimizing downtime and waste.

Working together using the live schedule in LB Geniebelt has made it possible for construction teams on-site to know when and where to arrive.

With the plan updated in real time, subcontractors and suppliers know when to arrive on site and when to make deliveries. This collaborative approach of working helps HusCompagniet ensure that projects are finished on time, which is important as they are not paid by their customers until handover.

“By connecting them into one community, which we have done with LetsBuild’s product GenieBelt, they’re notifying each other. So at least they don’t need to drive to the building site and waste their time.”

says Morten Chrone, COO at HusCompagniet
says Morten Chrone, COO at HusCompagniet
  • Enhanced subcontractor communication
  • Improved supplier logistics
  • Streamlined onsite operations
  • Increased cost savings
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Implementation & Results

Driving efficiency forward: HusCompagniet vision for their future

Before LB Geniebelt, HusCompagniet struggled with disorganized deliveries and lack of collaboration with suppliers, causing confusion and delays. With LB Geniebelt’s real-time updates, subcontractors and suppliers now have clear instructions on when to deliver materials, improving logistics and project timelines.

This collaborative approach ensures projects are completed on schedule, aligning with HusCompagniet’s goal of efficiency and customer satisfaction. Additionally, LB Geniebelt has helped identify process gaps and drive improvements, leading to estimated cost savings of 5 to 10 percent in the long term.

“When we use LB Geniebelt, it’s almost like we’re pushing the responsibility down to the people on site. So now, suddenly they are taking more responsibility, because they know if they don’t notify the next in line, the other team are going to turn up and waste their time. Now suddenly they feel more like a community, like they’re colleagues.”

says Morten Chrone COO at HusCompagniet
says Morten Chrone COO at HusCompagniet

LB Geniebelt has significantly enhanced efficiency and collaboration for HusCompagniet. By standardizing processes and leveraging technology, they have transformed into a well-oiled machine capable of delivering multiple houses daily. The platform’s real-time data capture and communication features empower on-site workers, fostering a sense of responsibility and community.

Looking ahead, HusCompagniet aims to further capitalize on these gains, anticipating substantial cost savings and continued process enhancements in the future.



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