Hoffmann standardised their work processes with LetsBuild
"From where I sit, I can estimate when a specific task needs to be done, I can adapt the plan accordingly, and every worker has an updated version”
Shoukat Naeimi Project Manager at Hoffmann
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Headquartered in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, Hoffmann has been operating in the construction industry for more than a 100 years. They provide services in the areas of civil and engineering works, new build projects, renovations, and installations. LetsBuild is being used in the renovation of 378 apartments, which includes the replacement of facades, windows, doors, bathrooms, balconies, and roof terraces. The project is taking place in Vildbanegård, 18 kilometers outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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500+ employees

Why Hoffmann chose LetsBuild

A definite time benefit from LetsBuild

In the dynamic realm of construction management, between 20% and 30% of our time is traditionally consumed by the intricate process of delegating daily and weekly tasks to our construction teams. This crucial aspect often demands meticulous attention and constant communication to ensure seamless progress. However, with the innovative capabilities offered by LetsBuild, this arduous task has been significantly streamlined.

Because of this need of non-stop communication, some vital informations were lost in the process. It meant that, to ensure that the workers do receive the right information, Hoffmann had to do many visits for clarifications or updates.

By leveraging LetsBuild’s intuitive platform, Hoffmann has witnessed a notable reduction in the time spent on delegation. The platform’s user-friendly interface facilitates efficient communication, allowing them to effortlessly disseminate vital information to their on-site workforce. This means that Hoffmann’s workers remain consistently updated on any alterations or revisions to the project plan, eliminating the need for frequent visits to their office for clarifications or updates.

  • Delegation issues
  • Requires constant communication and management
  • Requires lots of visits for clarifications
  • Loss of important informations because of constant exchanges

“We minimise the number of visits I get from workers at the office because now they are able to keep updated by themselves. And the best part is, if deviations to the plan should occur, I can quickly set a new date”

says Shoukat Naeimi, Project Manager at Hoffmann
says Shoukat Naeimi, Project Manager at Hoffmann

Implementation & results

Efficiency and precise information

LetsBuild’s project template feature enables managers to copy the programme from one project and duplicate it to other projects. This enables people to bring standardisation and predictability to their projects. This feature turned out to be very valuable for Hoffmann.

One of the most advantageous features of LetsBuild is its project template functionality. This invaluable tool empowers managers to replicate project programs from one endeavor to another with ease. This not only fosters standardization across our projects, but also enhances overall efficiency and performance. Gone are the days of painstakingly crafting individual project plans from scratch. Instead, Hoffmann can seamlessly duplicate existing templates, saving invaluable time and resources in the process.

In the beginning, there’s the possibility to make a detailed timetable with LetsBuild, which should be used on a project, but after that, you are able to extend that to other projects. It’s easy to copy tasks, which easily saves some time.

“With LetsBuild, you get an overview of the project at the office, instead of you going out to inspect every single activity that is going on, which takes a lot of time. From where I sit, I can estimate when a specific task needs to be done, I can adapt the plan accordingly, and every worker has an updated version”

says Shoukat Naeimi, Project manager at Hoffmann
says Shoukat Naeimi, Project manager at Hoffmann
  • Standardisation and simplification of the process
  • Improved efficiency and performance
  • Lot of time saved
  • Detailed and easy-to-use timetables

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