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HK Byg is a Copenhagen-based contractor, with roots as a masonry company. Today, they still have their own craftsmen, but are increasingly managing larger projects. Even though they typically work with main or turnkey contracts, they handle smaller renovation tasks of individual leases, as well. 

HK Byg has a good understanding of the value that digital tools can bring to a construction project. Therefore, they have implemented a number of digital tools to support and verify their bid calculation, design, execution, quality assurance and delivery processes.

Quality plays a key role in their work and mission. The services they offer involve not only the work done by the craftsman, but the project as a whole. This is also the reason for their great focus on digital tools, as it creates the foundation for a good dialogue, a well-documented project and generally a good overview for all parties involved. It is basically about creating a holistic experience that the building unit is handled by a serious and modern contractor.

Despite its great focus on digital technologies, HK Byg had still some challenges to overcome with regards to their scheduling, their milestone tracking, the involvement of their subcontractors and the time spent on manual processes. More specifically, their pain points could be described as the following:

  • Updating of the schedule was not properly done in MS Project despite the fact that their team had access to it.
  • The process was very manual, which did not play along with their otherwise digital workflows.
  • Milestone (stage) registration. Lack of clear understanding as to where it made sense to register progress.
  • They were looking for a way to get their subcontractors more involved.
  • Tracking schedules for managing construction quotes.

Facing the problems mentioned above, HK Byg had to look towards a new direction.This is where LetsBuild came into the picture. After implementing our tool in their projects, the team in HK Byg quickly experienced a number of benefits and they were able to have a better overview of their projects, improve communication and data handling and reduce manual effort.

“It became much easier for them to prepare a schedule, as everything was available online and thus accessible from anywhere. And when they are putting together an offer for a new project, they can quickly set up a short version of the schedule to support this offer,” explains  Nadya Jennifer Dar, Digital Project Manager at HK Byg.

Furthermore, milestone (stage) registration is now performed and archived in an effortless and straightforward way and HK Byg can actually invoice on the basis of it. That was an unpredictable gain which has brought significant value.

But that’s not all.

“Project managers are actively working on their schedules using the LetsBuild app where they also add their requests. Among other things, they use Cross Project to get a better understanding of the progress made on all ongoing activities 7 days back and 14 days ahead on the project. This view allows for more efficient construction meetings and offers a better overview of the weekly activities compared to reading through the entire schedule. At the same time, subcontractors have the freedom to set up their own activities and get more involved in the projects,” adds Nadya Jennifer Dar.

HK Byg’s project controller has also noticed a difference in his work. It has become administratively easier as now milestone (stage) registration is taking place in a single data source where he also has access to. For instance, he can see how much the subcontractors have progressed, and invoice on the basis of this.

All in all, it has so far been a very rewarding collaboration for both sides. This is also shown by the fact that already after 4 months HK Byg had decided to sign for LetsBuild’s company deal. According to the team in HK Byg, there has been a pragmatic shift on the way their employees work, thanks to LetsBuild. Schedules are created and updated continuously during the project and there is an increasing interest in using LetsBuild features, such as Cross Project.

But we don’t stop here. Our partnership will continue to evolve as both companies share the ambition for a more efficient, digitalised and greener construction industry.

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