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Exquando is a document specialist company that provides services and advice in document management. Exquando professionals are highly skilled in consultancy focused on delivering professional content services including information management specifically in optimising a company’s documentation processes, making sure that the information contained in a company’s documents are used to their potential, and that all documents are protected properly.


In 2014, Exquando became a certified LetsBuild partner in providing specialised services in document management in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry mostly in the European market. Exquando used LetsBuild as a mobile collaboration platform for architects, contractors, developers and engineers. Companies from the construction sector that has integrated LetsBuild into their systems through Exquando include Franki, Cofinimmo, A2RC, and GSK.


LetsBuild became Exquando’s supplier for their needed mobile collaboration platform for the AEC sector.


  • With the use of LetsBuild, Exquando was able to optimise the reception process of GSK’s new production unit in Wavre by reducing the workload by 50%.
  • The GSK set up of LetsBuild allowed real-time and direct encoding of defect points using an iPad or mobile device containing the latest construction layouts – it allowed immediate generation of punch lists that can be easily sent to contracting partners.
  • Exquando’s implementation of LetsBuild at GSK ensured system parameterisation and created new reports compliant with the pharmaceutical sector requirements.
  • Several Exquando consultants have been trained to use LetsBuild and started implementing procedures for managing construction drawings on the LetsBuild platform.
  • Exquando provides training and the implementation of knowledge maps and the configuration of the LetsBuild platform specific to pharmaceutical requirements.
  • LetsBuild helps Exquando cover a gap in the document control, namely the on-site documentation of abnormalities. Thanks to LetsBuild Exquando can implement end-to-end digital solution, lowering the risk of mistakes for its clients.

“Exquando and LetsBuild share a common vision regarding the challenges faced by organizations in the area of construction drawings management; through our collaboration, we will be able to offer our clients the best solutions tailored to their specific needs. To best advise our clients in the area of document management systems, Exquando is continuously keeping itself up-to-date on any developments for such platforms. We find LetsBuild particularly interesting thanks to its ease of use, its quick and simple set-up, and its almost immediate return on investment.”

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