What’s New on LB Geniebelt? | September 2023

Written by Nicolas Regnacq

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Here is your summer wrap-up of LB Geniebelt updates! On the agenda: a clearer interface, some cross-project enhancements, a quality link with LB Aproplan, and much more. 

An improved application with a brand-new design! 🚀

We’ve refactored the design of our LB Geniebelt application to make it more efficient, adaptable, and user-friendly. This means faster loading times, improved navigation, and a platform that truly grows with you.

Specifically, we’ve:

  • Reorganised the task details panel to make it easier to find the information you need.
  • Added keyboard navigation to the task sheet so you can easily move around without a mouse.
  • Moved custom fields to the project settings to reduce clutter.

Connect LB Aproplan forms with LB Geniebelt tasks! 🖇️

Have you ever encountered the frustration of tasks not meeting the expected quality standards? This can lead to a cycle of back-and-forth communication, causing delays, rework, and unnecessary friction.

With our latest feature, you can effortlessly link inspection forms directly to tasks, ensuring clear communication and minimizing errors.

Continuous development of our Cross-Project feature 📈

We believe that the Cross Project functionality is a major added value of our application, which is why we want to make it increasingly easy to use, with the possibility of working with your different groups, but above all of signing off several tasks at the same time. 

Small changes that make all the difference 🎯

  • You can now delete the content of a Group at the same time as deleting a Group.
  • New holiday calendars added: Lithuania, Panama, Mexico, Columbia. 
  • Greater clarity by displaying the structure and names of groups linked to each task in the project overview tab, project report and task print.
  • Our summary email now has the project and task name in the title.
  • The offline mode on mobile was sometimes a bit buggy. It’s fixed! 

What’s next?

We’re currently working on the next big releases, and we wanted to share some of them with you… 

  • Improve the project creation process, with a fresh look and better experience with import, but also by giving you the ability to start from a template where you can copy holidays, logos, and much more. 
  • A better Table Editor with more information available to view and update. 
  • Optimise your time by adding the option to update tasks’ progress to 100%, and mark the problems as solved at the same time as signing off the task. 
  • Allowing you to delete dependency in an easier way by bringing it one click closer. 
  • Some redundancy in your project? duplicate any tasks without effort!