Beyond Our Promise: Your New Company Reports and Form Functions

Written by LetsBuild

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In the past couple of months, we have been focusing on improving and developing how you can fully utilise our company reports feature. Today, we bring you what we have promised and more!

Standardise Your Task Reports Within Your Company

You can now create templates sets to standardise the look, feel and order of your chosen Points reports. What’s better, you can share these templates with your collaborators to encourage and standardise their use across your entire company.

Template Report

Get More Data Across All Your Projects

You can now view all the different elements of all your projects within your company. Track a variety of things across all your projects including the number of projects you have, the number of Points created in a project, and the number of user logins. You can also filter your data by user to track individual user activities.


Plan All Your Recurring Checks

Create multiple occurrences of the same Form instead of duplicating one at a time. Configure the number of occurrences of your Form, which day it will appear, or if the occurrence ends after an X number of occurrences or a specific date. You can even plan the number of Forms you will need for the entire project duration. A simple example would be the weekly fire extinguisher check by a safety officer — he can easily create one Form, duplicate it, and plan the Form’soccurrence on a weekly basis.

Give More Context To Your Forms Answers

Freely add photos, documents and comments to your Form answer fields to provide more context or to add extra information without having to create extra Points. Attaching a photo or document can provide important evidence that a specific task has been done. For example, a safety manager can attach a photo of the fire extinguishers he has checked alongside his answer on a Form. Commenting can provide additional information without having to create a Point.

Tip of the Month

You no longer have to go through your Forms one by one to archive them. With the new multi-archive feature, you can just select as many Forms you want and archive them all at once and save even more time.

What’s Next?

We are continually working hard to make your experience better. As of the moment, we are developing a new visual editor with a different UI for our Android users to ease drawings on plans and documents with the capability of rotating them.

Our iOS team will also completely redo the iOS navigation for a more standardised and user-friendly layout of Points, Forms, etc. across all tabs.

Soon you will be able to edit company settings by yourself such as your company name and VAT number. Other editable fields are yet to be decided.