Best of 2021: Product highlights for LetsBuild GenieBelt live progress app

Written by Nicolas Regnacq

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Yes, it is that time of the year again to share with you our roundup of LetsBuild’s GenieBelt 2021 product highlights! Over the past twelve months, our teams have been working on new exciting features that further allow you to facilitate progress tracking and team communication around your project schedule.

Why? Our key focus remains to make your on site processes leaner than ever by replacing your lookahead schedules and Whatsapp groups to reduce non added value activities, increase tasks ownership and allow your guys to focus on their work – as this was simply described by Eurovia’s digital construction manager.

Here is everything you need to know.

Enhanced and illustrated progress reports

One of our application’s key strengths is that it can produce crystal clear progress reports in a couple of clicks. In order to allow you to produce even more complete reports, the following improvements have been added:

  • You can now display the custom fields you have created in the task reports and in the project overview report.
  •  In addition to custom fields, the photos you put as comments on a task are now also visible when you generate a report!

New Cross Projects features ⚙️

The purpose of the “Cross Projects” feature is to have a global view of all ongoing projects. Many project managers and planners were using this view to make multiple changes at once across multiple projects, but could only carry them out one-by-one. Great news, you now have the possibility to add, remove or replace several people in charge of different tasks at once!

Saved views are an efficient way to organise and gain quick access to the most relevant insights across your projects. It was however not always easy to change the order/importance of these views recorded so we have now made this much easier for you. Now you just have to click, hold and drag the view from left to right to rearrange them as you wish! ✨

As you may have noticed, every year we try to bring more and more pre-defined public holiday calendars that you are able to display on your schedule. This year is no exception and you are now able to overlay holidays schedules for the following countries: the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Philippines and Belgium (Flemish part).

Last but not least, we modified the way we are displaying tasks and their group indentation in the Cross Projects. This small visual tweak allows you to better visualize at a glance which tasks belong to the different groups.

MS Project / LetsBuild two-way integration plugin

At LetsBuild, we understand how important and valuable it is for you to be able to integrate LetsBuild with your existing everyday planning tools such as MS Project in order to avoid duplicate work and ease adoption.

You shared with us how much you appreciate and use the existing LetsBuild and MS Project integration, which is why we have been working this year to bring it new features, make it faster and more stable. In addition to technical optimisations, you can now import tags (and custom fields) used in your LetsBuild projects into MS Project.

Enhanced backend performance

Backend performance and reliability will always be one of our main priorities and 2021 could be no exception to that. We keep investing a lot of time and effort into improving data security and ensuring a faster backend experience for all of our users. As a reminder, you can check and subscribe to our service availability updates on

Do you want to learn more about our Planning & Progress module?

Are you curious to know how to coordinate the tasks on your site and update your schedule accordingly in a smooth way?

LetsBuild’s Planning & Progress module gives you complete on-site visibility, enabling you to improve your productivity, teamwork, decision-making and profitability. Collect all your key project data in real time into one single source of truth.

Click below to watch a short video showing the main features of our Planning module!

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From the entire LetsBuild team, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ‍♀️