Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Deployment for Your Contractor

Written by LetsBuild

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There is surely a lot of benefits of cloud deployment for contractors. In this blog post I’ll mention 5 of them for you.

1. Saves you capital investment

First of all, it can save you capital investment. In my time, I’ve worked on a lot of project. One was for the head office for biggest construction contractors for construction management. A heavy part of their expenditure was on a server room that needed air-con, fire detection, fireproofing etc. Then they had to get server cabinets in there with underfloor cables running to it from everywhere, and all the techie stuff that went in them.

On top of that, you’ll need “techies” to sort out any problems that might happen to the servers and make them hacker proof. This can be saved by using cloud software. So that is the first benefit, that you can save money on stuff like servers, server room to put them in and people to take care of it.

2. Can save you space

Now, any place that needs servers also need a power backup in case the main electrics go down. This is benefit no. 2. Cloud deployment saves not only this additional capital expenditure, but also saves you space usage, which can be better utilised for something else. That could be used for more office space, or better facilties for the employees.

3. Get your information everywhere

When running projects, you will have people that might not be on the construction site at all. They might be based in other local offices, be in a different geographical region of the country, or just located internationally. Therefore, a challenge exist of getting people based on different locations to work together and access different key documents.

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With cloud deployment, you have the chance of solving this challenge where you can have user – regardless of location – accessing the project details from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. This can lead to more control and better communication.

Also, if you have a server in head office, that is great for everyone working there. Their own data goes straight on it and anything they need to know is at immediately to hand. But what about the guys on site? How do they get their info onto the server for you to see, and how do they access any information they want that is held on the server? If that obviously-needed link is made available, it means even more expenditure on technology and, probably, an even bigger server room. And it can be harder to get everyone updated on the project, fast. This leads to benefit no. 4.

4. Better communication

As mentioned above, projects can have people working from different locations which can cause communication problems. Or you can have people traveling between sites and offices for multiplep projects. It can easily be time consuming to update these different people on the status of the project.

With cloud-based sofitware, you can better resolve these challenges and get everyone up to speed on what’s going on. When you have all your data stored and communicated through the cloud, everyone will have access and know what to do. And everyone have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone these days. Therefore, information can be immediately available meaning no more three day delay to get revised or pass on new information to other people. In the end saving you time and money!

5. Your data is safe

With cloud software, you get a place to store your data safely. The old ways of doing things was to do physical paperwork and print documents, and then store them in a filing cabinet. However, such days are long gone, and there are now much safer solutions to use.

Nowadays, people might have all their documents stored on a computer. But what if there’s no backup and the computer brakes, and you loose all your data? Such problems can be avoided with the use of cloud deployment of your data. Then you’re always sure that your data is stored in a safe place, and that you won’t loose it.


There you have it, the 5 benefits of cloud deployment. Not only do you get a place to store your data safely and create better communication, but you have the chance of saving both money and time. Something that can be used to expand your business further.

At GenieBelt we would be glad to tell you more about the benefits of our cloud-based-software. You can read more about the advantages of GenieBelt here: GenieBelt Features