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cloud_based_construction_software.jpgSo what are you paying out for now?

  • Larger than necessary site office container to put filing cabinets and drawing table in?
  • Perhaps even a second one for the site-based QS because no space in the manager’s office?
  • Archive space in Head office to store records for 6 years?
  • A Server room in Head Office?
  • The servers to go in the server room?
  • Techies to sort out the servers?
  • Insurance for all the above?
  • Hours of labour a day handling and filing paperwork?
  • Postage fees?
  • Rework because revised drawings took 3 days to arrive on site?

– and that is just the main contractor! Client, Architects, Consultants and sub-contractors all incur similar costs for project paperwork!

In a previous Blog I sat scratching my head and doing my sums and came up with a startling result. If I remember correctly, for the Main Contractor of a £5 million project, running for just 6 months, the cost of handling and storing all this paperwork totalled £68,000 !!! And I hadn’t even thought, at that time, of the servers and techies to run them, not the cost of the archive rooms !!!

Now sit back and imagine a changed world! One in which we have no paperwork on a project except for commercially confidential stuff.  This world is one you are free to move into, courtesy of:-

GenieBelt, the leading cloud-based construction software!

Everyone on site these days has a computer, tablet or smart phone immediately to hand. All this information is immediately available to them! No three day delay to get revised drawings through the post. Progress reporting on the Build Programme? Easy; the tradesman just marks up the percentage of his Task that he has completed! No wandering around the site looking for the guythat needs to have the latest information imparted to him. And it isn’t just those on site for the Main Contractor who have all this immediate, up-to-date information at their fingertips! It is also available to everyone involved in the project; Client, Architects, Consultants, Sub-contractors’ offices!

All this available for only a very modest monthly fee!

Give yourselves a break! Make a larger profit on your contracts by saving the cost of paperwork! Accelerate you projects! Get in there with

GenieBelt, the leading cloud-based construction software!