Top 20 construction news sites you have to bookmark

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Staying up to date with the latest construction news and trends is always a good idea. The industry is under a continuous change and in that sense keeping yourself well-informed is of tremendous importance.

However, sometimes it might not be as easy as you may think. There is a vast number of construction news sites and blogs online to choose from. What are the best options for you, though?

That depends on many factors, such as your geographical location, your role in the building sector and the type of articles you prefer to read. If we add also time to the equation, it becomes clear the quest for solid sources of information about construction can be demanding.

With that in mind, and due to our strong interest in the building sector we decided to do some exhaustive research and gather for you some of the most noteworthy construction news sites.

Like that, you can effortlessly find the construction blogs and sites that fit better to you and your interests.

20 great construction news sites you should read

Without further delays, find below our detailed list of 20 great construction news sites that you need to follow. Our selection was based on the following parameters:

  • Quality of content
  • Presence on social media
  • The frequency of generating fresh, engaging content

The presentation of the different websites is in alphabetical order. Please let us know in the comments below if there is any website that you feel it’s missing from our list.

Why this list is helpful

Some of you may wonder how a list of the Top 20 construction news sites can be helpful. Truth is that if used correctly a list like that can be a powerful tool and help you stay one step ahead of the competition.
How can it do that? But of course, through the power of networking. That’s right, by knowing and following some of the most influential sites and publications in the building sector, you have the opportunity to establish new beneficial connections for you on a professional level.

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For instance, you can easily come in contact with some of the most significant influencers in the construction industry and ask for their valuable advice.

On top of that, just by reading these websites you can get the vibe of the sector and exchange smart ideas with other readers. Simply put, a list like that can be a continuous source of inspiration and improve your connection with the thought-leaders of the industry.

Get in touch!

We already mentioned above that a list like that can be a powerful networking tool if used in the right way. That being said, we put together an exhaustive spreadsheet which contains all the information you need in order to get in touch with the various construction news sites and follow them on social media.
You can access and download it for free below!

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