The tree structure of a construction site

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Managing a building site is not easy. The work of the various stakeholders and providers has to be coordinated, and the site has to be followed closely from both a logistical and budgetary point of view. As for the possible adaptations of the project, they must be managed and communicated to all stakeholders.

In a few words, to manage a building site, project manager skills and knowledge in construction are equally needed. So what construction steps should be kept in mind to better manage a building site?

Analyze the project feasibility and collect authorizations

It is at this moment that the meeting between the project owner and the architect takes place. The building owner, while discovering the plans, defines his requirements, his program and the draft schedule. As for the architect, he informs the building owner about the characteristics of the terrain, the building’s final functions and the administrative procedures that must be undertaken.

The architect and the building owner must agree on the project’s budgetary, administrative, architectural and practical aspects. These steps are part of the preliminary study phase.

The detailed conception of the building project

At this stage, the architect draws the detailed plans for the entire building. The goal here is to get a clear idea of the building project, which will allow the building owner to set up his team and implement an action plan.

Building planning

At this point, all technical and administrative characteristics – as well as current budgets – should be detailed in order that the various companies which will intervene on the project may be in a position to submit an accurate quotation to the architect and to the building owner.

The choice of construction companies

It is up to the architect to analyze the different companies which will intervene and complete the project. He will assist the project owner in the selection of the various trades involved.

The site

The architect prepares the site’s implementation and informs the different companies involved in the various rules that have to be respected, about each parties commitments, as well as about all plans specifics. The building site stakeholders management is the building owner’s responsibility.

He will guarantee the conformity of execution of the various construction steps, throughout the project. He will lead site meetings, oversee the collaboration between the different stakeholders, and will ensure compliance between works plans and actual progress.

The building site supervision and the coordination of the various providers are the keystones of the building owner’s work. He must be able to plan in detail the organization of the various companies’ interventions. The motto should be: Diligence, quality and within Budget.

Building delivery

The architect monitors all the works, he is responsible for the management of invoices in connection with the various providers, he will be in charge of checking the building at the end of contract, finalizing the project and delivering the building to the building owner who, from that moment on, will bear all the responsibility of the project.