Life With & Without A Construction Management Software Solution

Written by LetsBuild

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There must be others out there who remember the days when all we had on site were some foolscap (not even A4!) sheets of paper, a site diary, a slide-rule and blueprint drawings (Yes, blue!)! First we started to get phones, followed by white drawings and calculators then mobile phones. Eventually we got our computers on site. My first one was in 1992; well it wasn’t actually mine, the main contractor had a Planner on site who used it.! I was the Planner for a subby and had to use bits of paper and coloured pencils! Very soon after that we got internet connections.

As our computer software evolved we got what I suppose we can class as our first “construction management software”; Microsoft Project. The trouble with that, which is still around today, is that so few people have the skills, experience and ability to use it and derive the full benefits. Moving on to “today” …….

How are time and money spent on a construction site without its Construction Management Software Solution? Well, a couple of hours a day for both the Site Manager and QS handling and filing the bits of paper flooding in. That then needs loads of filing cabinets and shelves which meansadditional office space on site and in head offices. If something comes in the post which has to be urgently handed over to a subby or tradesman, a revised drawing for example, time spent wandering around site to find the right person. Two or three days wasted while urgent stuff arrives by post. If some communication has to be referred to, wander back to the office and root through filing cabinets and ring binders to find it. In the unfortunate (but common) event that it was misfiled, this can take hours! All the above applies equally to the head offices of all involved; main contractor, subbies, consultants and clients.

With a Construction Management Software Solution life on site is very different! The only paperwork needing to be handled and stored is commercially confidential stuff and the £5 notes held in Petty Cash! That represents quite a saving in time, storage facilities and money before we even have a more serious look at it!

Another money saver is that it drastically reduces re-work! If there is a drawing change the guys who need to know about it have the revised drawings on their gadgets or smart phones immediately it is released. That chucks the cost of any re-work back onto the client that requested it! Must save at least three days’ work every time there is one! We used to be so proud of our Royal Mail service; now we look on it as “snail mail” – unless it is birthday cards or something nice we get that way.

The great over-picture of Construction Management Software Solution is that everyone involved in the project, whatever their role, can instantly have all information in their hands. Make the best use of PC’s, laptops, gadgets and smart phones! Site Managers can spend their time usefully keeping an eye on the progress and standards of workmanship. Subtle spin-off of that is that there is an automatic reduction in the items on the De-Snag list! Also greatly helps towards establishing a sense of team-work.

Then we are left with one more advantage that comes from having Construction Management Software Solution. Everyone has access to that excellent Build Programme|; means the lads get in there fast and what is the result of that? You’ll see your project reach hand-over stage before even your planner expected it to.

So which single, all-embracing Construction Management Software Solution gives all these advantages? Only one of them and that, of course, is GenieBelt.