Is your construction management app the perfect match? Or are you still swiping left?

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Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I hope, other than finding a date, you also got to find The One (construction app). If you feel like you have been constantly swiping left when it comes to the various construction software you’ve been using, maybe it’s time to reconsider your standards and redefine the qualities you are looking for in a construction management app.

Choosing a construction software is not an easy process. In seeking the ideal construction software partner, you have to consider the characteristics that promise the best chance for a successful relationship. You would want a partner for the long run.

A software that could make you sing, “‘Cause ain’t no building high enough, ain’t no basement low, ain’t no tunnel wide enough, baby.” You would want a software or app that could stand the test of time. It does not have to be perfect but it would be ideal if it could persist even just until the handover.

We have rounded up the top 5 qualities to look for in a construction management app that can distinguish what can be a partner all throughout a project’s lifecycle as compared to one that’s just for a short-term side project.

Easy like Sunday morning

You know it’s good when even at the start it’s easy and makes everything easier. Even if your construction project is complex, your true (construction app) love would simplify your project through an easy to use, intuitive software. Not only is it easy for you, but it’s also easy for everyone involved with your project.

Your perfect software should be easy to use for you and your various teams, whether they’re in the field or in the office, whether they’re on a desktop or a mobile device. A good software should be simple to use despite the various complexities associated with your different users. If an app is easily used by your teams, it’s an early sign of a good fit.

Stop, collaborate and listen!

Nothing is truer than the age-old Vanilla Ice wisdom. Stopping, collaborating and listening are very important in bringing a team together. In the construction industry, communication and information are usually isolated and uncoordinated. Updates communicated by email are not usually immediately communicated to specific stakeholders and those changes don’t get updated in spreadsheets or other documentation forms.

You would not want to add a tool or software that would further lengthen the line of miscommunication. The ideal construction app will instead enable efficient and effective collaboration and communication for all teams across all stakeholders, which allows access to real-time updated data that anyone can see anytime and anywhere.

No problems, only solutions

So it’s easy and your teams are collaborating through it. Next thing to consider: are you getting the most of the solutions your construction app is supposed to offer? Are you implementing a software to solve your major problems or are you just implementing because everyone is doing it? Have you completely considered all the challenges you’ve been having and how a technology tool can fill the gap?

In construction, the most common problems include delays and overspendings and safety issues that are mostly associated with bad organisational structure, poor communication, and non-universality of information. Related article: You can read about our article discussing the most common construction problems and how technology can solve them.

Obviously, there’s no one solution to each specific problem but it’s important to understand that your software can customise solutions that could scale your company’s success in the areas that needs scaling. Does the app save your staff unnecessary admin time doing unnecessary offsite documenting? Can you tailor it to your internal QHSE workflows?

Understanding your needs through these questions can enlighten you if indeed your software partner is worth keeping around.

Requited love

A tool investment is just like any relationship. You invest in it and just like any investment, should yield you a return after some time. A useful app is something that gives back your love by saving your company time, money and resources, and improves your processes and project delivery.

Love, peace and harmony

One thing you have to seriously consider is if your software has the capability to integrate and work with all the other programs you’re already using. You don’t want to waste all your data collection by a lack of integration. We also previously wrote a parallel article on choosing your QHSE digitalisation tool partner. Check it out as the same principles apply.

Choosing a construction management software that would fit your company’s needs is more than just the tool itself. It also means finding a software provider that will be your company’s partner as you roll out all your implementations the rest of the years that you’re company is existent. We actually have an ebook that talks about that in one chapter. You can download our informative ebook, “Digitalise Your Construction Processes”.