How to become a certified construction manager?

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The process of becoming a certified construction manager

As people enter the field of construction, they normally know what they want their job to be.  That isn’t to say that they will have that job immediately, as it sometimes takes time to work through the ranks and get the necessary on the job training to do that position.

Anyone that knows that they want to be a certified construction manager will need to plan accordingly, as it is not as easy as graduating from high school and putting in a couple of years’ worth of work to reach that goal.

After all, once a person is certified, they will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of the construction project.  This will include hiring the workers, supervising the workers, estimating the costs of the project, writing out the schedules, completing progress reports, and making sure that safety codes are always met.

Most of these workers are on call twenty-four hours a day and many will work more than forty hours a week, especially as the deadline of the project is approaching.  They will find themselves going between the office and the job site, as they juggle each aspect of their job without forgetting any of the small details.

The first step in becoming a certified construction manager is obtaining at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a field like construction management.  The courses involved with that degree include design, materials, economics, and more.  Certain students may even take this a step further by obtaining their degree in subjects that include building science and engineering.

Those who want to be successful as a certified construction manager will choose to do an internship while they are obtaining their degree.  Most internships are not paid, but they do reward the student with the opportunity to learn about the construction field and the different jobs that they will be doing in the future.  Some internships may even allow students to be assistants to the certified construction manager, where they can then learn about what it takes to be in that position.

Once a student has earned their degree, they will need to find a job in the field of construction.  Most students will be ready to take the highest-level position that they can find, but the smart ones will know to start at the bottom.  By starting low, and working their way up, those students will learn more about every aspect in the field and will be ready to become a certified construction manager much sooner.

After all, there is nothing more humbling than learning how to follow directions before giving them, as well as learning how to do the actual backbreaking work at a job site.

Many construction employees will stop at this point, but those who want to become certified construction managers realize that they need to be certified for their position. Certification is not easy, as there is an exam that needs to be passed, but it is crucial if one wants to have more opportunities in the future. Certifications can be obtained from many places, but the most popular one for this position includes the one through the Construction Management Association of America.

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In order to be able to take the exam, individuals need to have their Bachelor’s Degree as well as at least four years of construction management experience.  Those who do not have a degree must have at least eight years of construction experience as well as four years of construction management experience. Individuals are required to pass the exam within three attempts and whoever doesn’t is barred from being certified.  Everyone that does pass must be recertified every three years, which includes sharing information on professional development as well as work experience.

As soon as a person has the necessary experience, as well as the education and certification for this position they can apply for available job openings.  However, no one should expect to receive the first or even second job that they apply for.  The competition can be fierce with everyone trying to outdo all the other candidates.

One way that a person can put themselves above everyone else is by continuing their education and obtaining a Master’s Degree.  This is normally done in the construction management field where the courses include public policy, labor relations, construction materials, construction methods, and construction management practices.

After a while, a person seeking a certified construction management position will be able to find a job.  They can use that position to learn even more while continuing their education with workshops, conventions, and even online courses.  The goal is to never stop learning, as that is how everyone advances in this field.

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