8 personality traits of a great construction project manager

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Being a Construction Project Manager is an extremely rewarding career. If you are considering a career in construction project management, then you will need some qualifications and you’ll need to demonstrate some experience.

But even though qualifications and experience can give you the extra edge when it comes to applying for Construction Project Management positions, employers also look out for one more thing: your personality.

Your personality and character is built up through a series of habits which do take time to build. But it is never too late to start. This post aims to share the 8 key personality traits that you should strive to develop so you can become a successful Construction Project Manager (and land the role too).

1. Very organised

It is no secret to say that any Construction Project Manager that you see will be organised. And they have to be. They have so many projects to look after and they have to be on-the-ball.

When you’re a project manager, you need to know when certain tasks begin and when they end. And you must know how to plan and manage your schedule and to delegate these tasks so that everything falls perfectly into place. Also, you need to know how to prioritise different tasks.

Many organised individuals have a tool that they use. Whether it could be a bullet journal, a to-do list or a planner. Highlighting the use of these tools is a brilliant way to show your organisation skills to potential employers at interview.

 2. Dealing with the unexpected

In other words, being flexible. Sometimes, in Construction Project Management you will encounter the unexpected. And this could be a number of things. The supplier goes bust and is unable to deliver their order or terrible weather could damage the construction site, hence delaying the construction project being completed.

Even though the above examples may have described the worst case scenarios, lesser complicated scenarios can also cause a great deal of disruption too. And sometimes, it will literally throw your plan out of the window.

Excellent Construction Project Managers are able to remain calm and rearrange their prioritise so they can effectively manage the disruption and effectively come to a resolution.

3. Mindful of health and safety

As you know, the construction environment is one of the most dangerous places to work in. But thanks to the introduction of the CSCS card back in 1995, the number of reported incidents have dramatically dropped.

As a construction project manager, you’re responsible for ensuring all staff who work on a construction site have at least a green CSCS card. And you also need to ensure the necessary health and safety protocols are correctly met whilst overseeing the project.

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4. Highly motivated

Seeing a construction project from start to finish requires a highly motivated individual. They need to be a self-starter and be able to set themselves high expectations.

This is really important as their own motivation will be become a highly influential factor to other members in the project. A study has shown that project managers who exhibit high levels of motivation tend to lead to completion of successful projects.

5. Brilliant networker

Sometimes it is not what you know, but who you know. That last sentence may be an overused cliche, but it does ring a very important truth.

Being able to demonstrate that you have the ability to build relationships with your work colleagues, senior colleagues, suppliers and external organisations helps to build a list of contacts. And you can use your contacts to ask for favours and requests.

Just remember, you have to return the favour for them as well in order for you to maintain the professional relations that you have. It is really important for you to invest some time in being able to form relationships. Even if you are an introvert, the energy you invest to going out to meet new people or strengthening your relationships with your current contacts can serve you well. And the more time you spend doing this, it will eventually develop into a habit and will become second nature.

6. Optimistic

This is believed to be a very important trait. Being an optimistic Construction Project Manager allows you to see the positives and opportunities for growth in the face of adversity.

Managers who show the opposite of optimism, tend to cave in to challenges. Or even worse, avoid challenges altogether. This not only jeopardises the project, but it hampers your chances of achieving success.

7. Enthusiasm

Simply becoming a Construction Project Manager for the sake of better pay will not stead well. Yes, there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with this position, hence the higher pay.

But if you’re genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about seeing a construction project coming to life from start to finish, then employers will gladly hire you.

Because employers will know that you will love your job and you will love to come into work. And you will do whatever it takes to succeed and do your best. On the contrary, enthusiasm for any role is never faked, it is naturally developed. So if you’re going to pretend to be enthusiastic, it will not work for you. Employers will definitely know if you’re pretending.

8. Ability to know things inside-out

Besides being an excellent organiser, great Construction Project Manager actually know every little details of the project inside out. They make it their imperative to know everything, so they are able to make a decision for the next step of the project if needs be.

The best way for Construction Project Managers to know every detail of their project is to be an effective communicator.

This follows on from point 5 (being a brilliant networker), building connections from those who work within the project will open up opportunities to find out what is going on in the project. And scheduling regular meetings with your associates will allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest ongoings.

Do you know of any other personality traits Construction Project Managers should have? Please let us know in the comments section below.