Costs Management, Quality Control, Overall Monitoring of Construction Projects: APROPLAN for Engineers

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The role of the engineer in a construction project is multiple, it intervenes from design to project’s delivery. As a central actor in a construction site, the engineer must be able to master and solve construction problems in a multidisciplinary environment.
A project manager, a team manager, a budget negotiator and sometimes a salesman, the engineer’s mission on a construction site is complex. What is his mission, what are the qualities required of him, and how can Aproplan be of help to him? Here are our answers:

The engineer’s tasks on a construction site

  • He organizes and provides the various elements allowing to carry out the work, as early as possible and respecting the best fixed and allotted budgets.
  • He takes care of the technical, administrative and budgetary requirements of all projects he manages until the work’s final completion.
  • He serves as a coordinator between internal partners (site manager, trades, etc…) and external ones (suppliers, developer, customer, etc.) working on the construction project.
  • He must have a clear, precise and comprehensive vision of the construction project: he manages the costs, and controls the workflow,
  • He is often responsible for commercial and negotiation aspects (search for suppliers, price management, etc..).


  • Good team and project management skills: he must have a clear, precise and comprehensive of all the elements and stakeholders involved in a construction project.
  • He must have interpersonal skills that will prove useful in his contacts with the various trades, with suppliers and external stakeholders
  • He must be able to manage contingencies, technical and/or communication problems that may appear on the construction project.

How Aproplan can be useful to engineers

Aproplan is a downloadable application for mobile phones and tablets for the detailed management of a construction site. All has to be done is create a project in the platform and insert the various elements specific to this project (architect plan, paperwork, pictures, changes, etc.). Aproplan thus allows to centralize and share all the information and documents related to a construction site. Aproplan’s features allow:

  • Add and edit plans
  • Create and share notes and project drafts
  • Manage all documents (administrative, legal, etc.).
  • Manage the evolution of the site in detail
  • Update site’s plans and changes
  • Directly annotate plans and share comments at each stage of the project

Benefits for engineers:

  • Accuracy of conceptual models
  • Time saving in project management
  • Accurate monitoring of the construction project’s various aspects
  • Workflow management

Aproplan’s application and features accompany the players in a construction project from its conception to its realization. It allows to centralize information, avoid conflicts between stakeholders and closely manage budgets and deadlines. Aproplan is the IT solution for a successful completion of a building site. For more cost management articles, check out how to reduce high costs of your construction business. You may also want to learn some prescribed effective cost estimating strategy in your construction project management.