LB Coordination: The LetsBuild of Tomorrow

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Last article of our product series in which we deep dive into how our product is today and where it’s going next. Today’s guest is Peter Dreschler, our Product Manager for LB Coordination.

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This post completes our series in the wake of our latest funding and Lars’ post about the future of LetsBuild.

We’ve spent most of November talking about what LetsBuild is today – you can read the first piece about our funding, or focused updates about our plans for Aproplan, Geniebelt and Site Diary.

Today we want to complete the puzzle. Part of it is our fourth product: LetsBuild Coordination. But the other part is being clear about how our products fit together and why we make what we make.

Let’s talk about what you should expect from LetsBuild in the years to come.

Building Matters

When we look up at the buildings that make our cities, and feel pride at what we have made, it is because we know the value it creates. Good structures support us physically – but also push our society forward. When you bring people together, good things happen.

But along with that comes challenges – from hygiene to pollution and social cohesion, construction leaders are always at the forefront of confronting the problems that arise from urbanisation. A crucial part of this is adapting their tools and ways of working.

This is the idea at the core of LetsBuild: we believe that, by developing better tools, we can help society take advantage of the benefits of urbanisation without the downsides.


LetsBuild Coordination is our latest effort to make a difference here. The more we can help digitise the planning of the biggest, multi-storey projects, the more we can help you keep costs sensible, make projects run on time and build in concepts like sustainability from day one.

LetsBuild Coordination helps site managers run short-term (3-6 weeks) planning on multi-storey and similar urban work, where planning around zones and locations is essential. It helps bring clarity to the complexity of this process, and delivers a foundation for successful projects, no matter what happens next.

Proactive → reactive

And we all know what happens next…

Even the best laid plans require agile, reactive management to navigate the challenges that emerge on site. That’s why we have tools like Aproplan and Site Diary to help tackle what happens once you’re in the field.

So, this is how we see the picture of how LetsBuild helps:

  1. We make proactive planning tools that put projects on a solid digital foundation.
  2. We also make tools to keep the work flowing on site, navigating changes, delays, compliance and more. 

Deliver on time. With quality. Within budget. With sustainability.

Operational excellence has become a cliché. But if you really want to excel in the construction industry, it is incredibly hard to achieve while using yesterday’s toolkit. We can do better, together.

What’s next?

So that’s LetsBuild today. We hope you have found this series interesting and useful. But perhaps most importantly, this is just the beginning. 

Whether you’re an old school Aproplan / Geniebelt user, or jumped on board more recently with Site Diary or LB Coordination, we want to thank you for being part of what we’re trying to achieve here.

If we can improve the way construction is planned and managed, we can make a real difference – from a less stressful day-to-day life for Site Foremen, all the way up to how societies are able to use their resources and build environments that last for lifetimes.

This is our mission – and if you think we can help, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s Build!

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