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The second episode of our Product series in which we deep dive into how our product is today and where it’s going next. Today’s guest is Mark Wedel, our Product Manager for LB Geniebelt.

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This post is part of a series in the wake of our recent funding and Lars’ post about the future of LetsBuild. Get the full picture here.

Greetings Geniebelters. My name is Mark Wedel, and alongside my colleague Mahtab Motlagh, we lead the team responsible for maintaining and improving LB Geniebelt.

My background is relatively prosaic in sales and marketing – but my true connection to construction is through my father, a carpenter. Growing up, I helped him with all sorts of projects – but more recently, we were working on a relatively straightforward apartment update that turned into absolute chaos because of pen and paper.

This is when it really struck me that there had to be a better way for construction to work. And that’s what led me to LetsBuild.

But enough about me – let’s talk about you. And, more importantly, let’s talk about where LB Geniebelt is at and what to expect in the months and years ahead.

There are few who wouldn’t agree the future of construction should be more connected. Indeed, as projects get larger and more complex, the only way to manage that challenge is to add tools that bring clarity.

LB Geniebelt has become one of those tools, used every day to ensure all progress and communication are centred in one place. But it’s really the start of a bigger story.

Basically: if you don’t take the processes within LB Geniebelt digital, then you’re never going to get your construction processes digital. There’s just no better place to start when creating a single source of truth for what’s going on today, yesterday and tomorrow on these kinds of projects.

Why does that matter so much? Because, once you start the process of making construction digital, you can join the dots between tool after tool and really get great benefits from those connections.

This is our focus for the future of LetsBuild, and LB Geniebelt is the sharp end of the spear making it happen.

In the months ahead, and certainly in 2023, you’re going to see LB Geniebelt connect and exchange information with LetsBuild products more and more, starting with the QHSE processes in LB Aproplan.

Alongside this, we’re going to be continuing our efforts to make the LB Geniebelt experience smoother, faster and more useful every day. To take just one example, we’re going to be accelerating how quickly you can start and administer projects, with improvements to areas like copying and pasting of items.

What’s next?

You’ll be hearing from us much more often about what we’re working on – but that’s only half the story. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about where you think we should spend our energy on one of your most important tools.

Don’t be a stranger, contact me directly here with your thoughts and feelings about LB Geniebelt today.

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