LB Aproplan gets a new look!

Written by LetsBuild

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My application has changed! 

For the past years, we have been focusing on “the substance” of our application and designing new features (Adding forms, custom fields, the Company tab …), it’s now time to tackle the shape aspect. 

After several weeks of work, we are proud to present you the initial phase of LB Aproplan’s visual redesign.

The main change is directly visible: the main menu is relocated from the top to the left side of your screen and includes exactly the same functionalities: your projects, your Company, contact our support and your profile. 

Once in a project, the general appearance of the menu and some action windows is now sleek and modern. 

But the benefits go beyond just the visuals – the gradual upgrades we are working on will also make the application faster and more reliable.

These are the main changes you will find when you open your LB Aproplan desktop application… for now. 

More than just a visual upgrade

The main reason for this change, as well as the timing of our announcement, only a few months after unveiling our two new applications, is due to our will to bring LB Aproplan to the next level: an all-in-one digital tool belt for site teams. 

From your LB Aproplan application, you will soon be able to manage your 3 to 6 week planning, track your tasks and non-conformities, conduct your inspections, and keep track of your site diary. This means that you will be able to better plan, execute, and monitor your projects seamlessly, in a single platform. 

Here’s a brief explanation of the upgrade journey: First, we started by tweaking the overall design; second, we will refine the user experience of multiple existing functionalities;  third, we will gradually add new features… Actually! Let’s talk about it. 

The next key milestones

As you can see, things are moving forward for LetsBuild and our flagship application: LB Aproplan. 

However, this is only the first step towards a more extensive application. Having now delivered on this first milestone, we are working on our next step: revamp the points management page. This upcoming update will deliver you a significantly smoother and more pleasant user experience when doing day-to-day points management:  create filtered views, organise the points’ table data and oversee overall project work.

Finally, the most interesting part is short-term planning. It’s still too early to show you what we have planned to help you better dispatch your tasks, but you can be sure that you’ll soon be able to connect your planning to your day-to-day activities directly from LB Aproplan. 

These are the two big milestones we want to present to you today, so that we can transform LB Aproplan, step by step, into an all-in-one application, providing you with all the tools to carry out your projects in an easier, more efficient and sustainable way.

To all of our long-time users, thank you very much for your support, and we’re pleased to welcome you to the era of change for LetsBuild!