How To Be Construction Badass Using Construction Management Software

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One of of main jobs at GenieBelt is to make our users become Construction Badasses. Slightly American term so for us Brtis out there: Badass = Expert. We carry this ethos so that we give our customers the best construction management software around!

This is how we design at GenieBelt, so much so that we wanted to share a small glimpse of some of our design values:

Badass Managers in Construction Require:-

  1. To be Badass in construction you have to finish on time, to budget and to standards. Better still if everyone makes a profit and are happy to work together again! That includes the skilled trades!

  2. Users do not want to spend their time looking at GenieBelt and trying to understand it, or spend unnecessary time filing in information which is really quite irrelevant to them. KISS KISS KISS (keep it simple stupid!)

  3. Biggest reduction of paperwork possible. Saves time filing. That filing doesn’t usually doesn’t happen very efficiently – time pressures plus just not clerical-minded –  so GenieBelt doesn’t just reduce paperwork, it does the filing for them, too. Makes it dead quick and easy to get hold of up-to-date information, too. This means the Badass not only attains clerical excellence, but gives more time to wander round his site being approachable and accessible. That way people bring problems to him ages before anyone except the tradesman would know!  Quick discussion with the guy and he probably has the answer to the problem, just needs someone to tell him to go ahead or order more stuff or something else quick and easy. Daft as it sounds, this so often saves a little hiccup turning into Delay! I used to spend my day wandering around communicating. Once the site started clearing in the evening, I’d stick in the office and get on top of the days paperwork and filing. Badass me!


  1. Detailed Program to Completion – regularly up-dated. Means everyone knows what is happening, what has to happen and that they will be held up with a spotlight on them if it doesn’t happen!

  • Might also allow acceleration with attendant cost reductions and increased profits. If a subby sees he can start a week earlier because his predecessor task is finished early, he can just get on with it! Few of those and very Badass!

  • If a subby is running behind program he probably doesn’t’ understand the financial implications, so the Boss has to get hold of him and explain to them. Different on bigger jobs were the subbies also have professionals on site.

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  • And, as I’ve said before, everyone on site likes a program to look at! Gives them an overall picture plus they know when they can expect to be doing what.

  • Put in reminders to de snag as you go – on a daily basis; the desnagging, not the reminders!

  • Know everything about everyone!

  • And of course, you need the best construction management software in GenieBelt!

We want efficient tools to help us finish the job – that’s why we spend top money on the best hand and power tools on the market! They save time and energy and work out cheapest in the long run!

We do NOT want software that takes up our time and attention and distracts from the project in hand! We want an efficient tool that is fit for purpose and makes us all Badasses!

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