Getting Started Guide: Advertising Your Construction Company for Free

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Getting Started Guide: Advertising Your Construction Company for Free

Building the basics for free or nearly free

Getting started with creating a website construction

When you’re trying to get your business noticed online you need to use the right tools. Whether you’re selling construction services, software, or golf clubs you need to know how to get in front of your customers. In the digital age, putting up a sign on the sign of the road no longer cuts it.

But where to begin? This guide will take you step by step through the process of marketing your business and using the right tools to get the job done. On top of that, make sure to download our Getting Started Guide: Advertising on Your Construction Company for Free. Why would we give all of this away for free? Because obviously, we want people to share our content and consider using our project management software. Simple as that. Even if you don’t end up using Geniebelt, we would at the very least give you a chance to learn something from us and come back in the future when you want more.

This first section is the beginner checklist section. Think of it like building a house, first you get the permits and lay the foundation. Get through the initial nerdy stuff and the rest is smooth sailing. Check back at our blog for the remainder of this series. You can also download our Masterlist of tools for more than 360+ online tools to help build your business.

1).Get a name. Get a description. Get a few pictures of your product/service
Come up with a name for your business.
Get a logo on Fiverr and use this guide finding a good high rez $5 logo

2). Get Logo

3). Description of your product/service
Write five variations of what your product and company does. This should be between 2-5 sentences max. This will help you later, it’s good to have variation

4). Photos
To get things off the group, snap a few original photos of your product or service. If you can’t get the right photos, then use free ones from royalty free picture websites. This will help to have a few additional pictures for pictures on your website and banners on social media.

image for free advertigi guide for construction businesses website

5). Create a website!
These days it’s easier than ever to create something professionally looking for free or damn near close to it. Drag and drop. Use one of your short write ups. Add pictures. You’re good to go.

Pages you must create:
Services or Product Page:
What do you do, how is your product different

About Page:
Brag a little about yourself. Who are you? Who have you worked with? What is the company mission?

Tell people your local phone number (if you want) and give a way to email or contact you.

Extra points if you include a blog that you regularly update with articles that you think your customers care about. This is a really great way to boost your SEO and get customers engaged. But don’t count on overnight success.

The most sincere form of flattery:
If you know of a website that you want you want to copy it’s style you can use a service like Cloudwards to create their website for yourself in less than 4 minutes.

6). Purchase your domain, get hosting, and get a professional email address.
You can do all those things through the sites above and I’m not going to spend additional time on it within this post. You will probably need some tech knowledge for some of these processes.

7). Register your business with google:
To be more searchable locally and within the biggest search engine in the world, you’ll need to register your business. Even if you run it out of your home, register it.

8). Get Google Analytics and Google Search Console:
This will allow you to later track your performance. You always want to be able to have a measuring stick to see how your work has paid off and how far you’ve come.
Here’s the guide to video guide to setting up Analyics and Search Console and take a look at guide to analytics below:

image for free advertising guide for construction social media

9). Social Media:
Everyone needs a social media account for at the minimum Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube.
Each of these sites take a few minutes to set up and the goal is get more eyes on your website. It seems silly, but go through the motions or find an assistant or intern to knock it out.

In order to save time on updating these social media platforms look into a tool that lets you schedule, update all posts (with slight variations at once), and monitor your reach by getting Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Tweetdeck.

There are plenty of other social networks and channels but the one’s above are the most common. This is the first step to getting your marketing moving in the right direction, consider using the other tools to help you along the way in our Masterlist of Marketing and Sales tools, this spread sheet contains 360+ tools to help you get the job done!

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