10 Emerging Trends Good for the Construction Industry in 2016

Written by LetsBuild

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Year 2016 has been started and the construction industry is seeking lot of stuffs in this year to groom in the business of design buildings and complete construction. GenieBelt sharing the expected list of trends that we can follow in year 2016 for construction. Let’s have a look on it.


  1. More and more contractors in the Construction Industry will start using GenieBelt. That means they’ll see their costs plummet and their profits rise accordingly!
  2. We seem to be having a population increase, particularly in Western Europe. House building will go up.
  3. Because even housing developers will be using GenieBelt they’ll start to actually work out Build Programmes. This will accelerate their build times, bring down their costs and increase their profits.
  4. Certainly in Britain, but I suspect many other countries, too, there is an acute shortage of school places for children. The situation is so bad that the red tape is going to have to be cut and building them start in 2016. Good for the Construction industry!
  5. Many major infrastructure projects have been delayed for years! The delays have been partly due to the financial depression with the lack of Government cash, and partly due to Planning Permission difficulties and objections to proposals. The need is getting too great and common sense will soonhave to prevail! We are going to see these major infrastructure projects get off the ground in 2016. Very good for the Construction Industry!
  6. Off-site fabrication of timber framed structures will start to come into its own in 2016. It is Eco-friendly and Sustainable if manufacture is done to EuroCode 5. Much of this stuff will be used for housing but it can be used for retail, commercial and industrial units and can be up to 7-storeys high – (only 5-storeys in the UK due to wind speeds.) The way the Construction Industry will benefit from this is sneaky! Build costs are a lot lower than using traditional brick/block methods. Property prices are high. The Construction Industry will be able to increase theirprofit margin and still please their Clients by Tendering below their cost expectations!
  7. Since the 1990’s kids at school have been encouraged to go on to University. The costs are now so high that more and more of them are deciding they don’t want to walk away with a £50,000 debt and a ”Useless degree”. The Construction Industry is going to see more and more youngsters applying for Apprenticeships, something we’ve been short of for years! Because the Construction Industry is going to be busy in 2016, we’ll be able to afford to train them again!
  8. This is personal prejudice speaking here, but I remember how buildability went down when AutoCAD became the norm. People stopped thinking about what they were designing! Now we have a new introduction to computerised architectural and structural design; BIM. I reckon we are going to see buildability really go down the drain which means plenty of Claims for the Construction Industry to make some extra money from!
  9. Don’t know if it just the UK but there has been a lot of heavy rain and flooding here. That means plenty of work for the Construction Industry in 2016 refurbishing a lot of properties, domestic, retail and industrial.
  10. Finally, the next thing related to the last thing! Plenty of work on flood defence measures. Good for the Construction Industry! I do wonder, though, if another bit of common sense will prevail and they stop insisting we build on flood plains.

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