Daily construction log

Capture all necessary day-to-day construction data.

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Save time with an automated site diary and focus on important work

Stop wasting time manually logging activities — submit your daily forms directly from site. Whether you are logging weather conditions or recording attendance or task progress, everything is stored in one unified data ecosystem.

  • Log weather conditions automatically
  • Customisable data
  • Crew tracking
  • Link daily logs to project schedule
  • Improved decision making

Record detailed weather data in your site diary

LetsBuild allows you to add weather information to your site diary automatically or manually. Record site-specific weather conditions and add them to your daily log to record any effects on site progress. In this way even the weather becomes part of the project history.

Customise the data you want logged

Configure which data you want recorded on a daily basis. From materials inventory and deliveries to equipment status, LetsBuild allows you to log the activities and data you need to manage and report on your projects.

Track your crews and their work

Record daily crew attendance, including the number of hours they work, which tasks they have carried out and the actual progress on each scheduled task. Not only is this valuable information for your daily planning, it will also enable you to better manage the on-site workflows.

Link the daily log to your project schedule and keep all data in one place

Your site diary can be linked to your 3-6 week planning so that detailed information on activities and events on site is kept in one place. In LetsBuild you can set up the system to receive updates and notifications as needed.

Use the daily log to improve daily decision making

Utilise daily, real-time worksite logs to flag issues, identify hazards and take necessary actions immediately. LetsBuild ensures that decisions are made on a timely and informed basis so you can avoid any future problems.

A real quality management tool for on-site follow-up that will increase the satisfaction of our customers and capitalise on progress achieved. The range of possibilities is unlimited.
Veronique Walle
Client experience manager, Bouygues Immobilier

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